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Unpaid Invoices – 2 things to consider

  Unpaid invoices If you are a small business owner then chances are that at some point you have encountered unpaid invoices. You have sent out an invoice and the payment is slow to come in. Even worse, the payment of the invoice never comes in at all. With the current economic climate, unpaid

Urgent Notice: Scam Debt Collection emails

URGENT NOTICE It has been brought to our attention that scam email purporting to be from Federal Management are being sent out from a domain to various companies from someone calling themselves Jerry Monk, using the scam email address: Further update 19

Federal Management act as ‘Debt Collection’ advisers for Coronation Street storyline

Federal Management have been advising Coronation Street script writers for an upcoming debt collection storyline. The world’s longest running TV soap is watched by millions of people every week across the world and is famed for its creative stories and tense drama. FM were approached by the pr

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II – State Funeral Bank Holiday 19th September 2022

  We will join with people across the United Kingdom and indeed, across the world in mourning the sad loss of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II The announcement was made by the Government that the Queen’s state funeral on Monday 19th September 2022 is to be a National Bank Holiday as people

Federal Management joins regional Chamber of Commerce

Federal Management is pleased to announce that we have decided to join the North and Western Lancashire Chamber of Commerce as Debt Collection specialists. Federal Management were invited to join by Membership Manager Lee Johnson via a mutual business connections. The North & Western Lancashire

Subcontractor and not been paid? – Get Expert Advice now

Subcontractor and Not Been Paid? If you are a subcontractor and not been paid then this can be a serious headache. It is unfortunately common for a contractor to fail to pay a subcontractor within the agreed terms. If so, the subcontracting party is entitled to pursue debt collection action to recov

Expert advice on Enforcing a CCJ ✔️ CCJ ENFORCEMENT

Enforcing a CCJ and CCJ Enforcement can be a challenge for any business. You have obtained a County Court Judgement and still have not been paid. It is a common scenario that many businesses and individuals face. Gone are the days where it was a straight forward exercise however we will try to simpl

No Response to Letter Before Action – What Now?

No Response to Letter Before Action – What Now? No response to Letter before Action is a very frustrating situation. Whether it is you or your business that has issued the letter, the content being ignored only serves to fuel tension. A letter before action (LBA) should not be confused with a

The No1 Solution for Recovering Private Medical Fees

Recovering Private Medical Fees Whilst the NHS still dominates most of the UK, around 12% of the population is still covered by private health insurance. Common types of private healthcare include dental treatment, physiotherapy, diagnostics, surgery and consultations. The cost of treatment may vary

1st Choice for Debt Collection for Estate Agents

Debt Collection for Estate Agents Unpaid or overdue fees are becoming an increasingly common problem for a large percentage of estate agencies. Unpaid sales commissions can lead to questions over any estate agents long term financial sustainability. As such, debt collection for estate agents has bec