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Getting Unpaid Invoices paid

Getting Unpaid Invoices paid is crucial for any Business in the UK. When you have provided goods or service for a client, you expect payment. That is how the conventional wheels of commerce turn. If you are reading this then you will already know that this is not always the case. An invoice becomes overdue […]

How to recover an Unpaid Business CCJ

Some people may think it is straight forward to recover an unpaid Business CCJ but that is not always the case. Thousands of Business County Court Judgments go unpaid every year. Naturally some assume that once a Judgment is awarded by the court then it will be paid. This is by no way a given […]

Debt Recovery Services for the Football Industry

  The growth of Football over the past couple of decades has been quite staggering when you compare it with most industries. According to reports from Deloitte last year, European Football is now worth well over £22Bn and growing. The English Premier league alone is worth circa £5bn so it was no surprise to us […]

Debt Recovery Advice for Businesses

Debt Recovery Advice for Businesses Over the past 18 months there have been a number of cases brought against companies and businesses for unethical and inappropriate ‘debt recovery’ practices. Banks, Utility Firms, Payday lenders and Mobile phone companies are just some of the industries that have been hit with fines or warnings over their practices. […]

Dealing with Business disputes

Spurious disputes cause headaches for Businesses across the UK, this unfortunately can be used by the unscrupulous to avoid payment. Whilst some will be absolutely valid, it pays to be open minded in relation to these. Unfortunately there will be times when customers may not agree with the invoice amount, and/or make claims that they were not […]

Top Expert Debt Recovery tips & advice for Businesses

Over the past couple of years, there have been many instances where both criminal or civil cases have been brought against companies for wrongful actions when trying to recover their own debts. High Street Banks, Utility Companies, Payday loan firms and Mobile phone companies are just a few of the sectors that have seen a clampdown […]

Recover Unpaid Business Debts is a Must

Some companies still not acting on bad debts Figures from a recent survey suggest that the lack of action with regards to unpaid Business invoices is still a massive problem. According to Insolvency trade body R3, over 23% of company failures over the past year (up to August 2016) were blamed upon the non or late payment […]

Sending a Business Letter before Action

When a Business has exhausted their credit control processes and an account now becomes a ‘debt’, a Letter before action can come in very handy in terms of procuring payment. A letter before action (also known as a LBA) is a document that sends a clear message to a debtor that time for payment is […]

What to do when a client does not pay

In High street retail and most ‘point of sale’ businesses, purchases are settled upfront. In this instance, if a payment does not go through then the customer just doesn’t get the product. It is that easy. However, most of those not in this sphere of industry operate on a ‘goods and services first – invoice […]

7 things not to do when owed money

We all get that chasing owed money can be perplexing however you need to be aware what you can and can’t do in this situation. In the modern day United Kingdom,  it is in your own interests to be aware of the potential problems your actions can cause when trying to get your customers to […]