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Debt Recovery for Small Businesses; Strategy and Tips

Debt recovery for Small Businesses is a critical aspect of of daily business in the UK. For small businesses with limited resources, unpaid debts can significantly impact cash flow, growth, and financial stability. Ensuring that outstanding payments are settled in a timely fashion is crucial for maintaining a positive cash flow and safeguarding your business’s […]

Dealing with the Non Payment of Medico Legal Fees

Dealing with unpaid Medico-Legal Fees As a medical professional, you may have encountered situations where the non payment of medico legal fees has caused an issue. It could be that you provided professional services to a client but have not been paid. The client could be an individual or a Law firm that simply does […]

Self Employed And Not Been Paid? – Expert Advice and Tips

Self Employed And Not Been Paid Self employed and not been paid is an ongoing issue in the UK. Working as a freelancer or independent worker can be challenging at the best of times, but when you’re hit with late-paying clients this can make being self employed a lot harder. Late payment is an extremely […]

Dental Debt Collection ✔️ 5 Tips to avoid Unpaid Dental Fees

5 tips To Avoid Dental Debt Collection Do you require dental debt collection solutions to recover unpaid fees from non-paying patients? It is a growing issue in the dental industry as highlighted by In recent years, it has become increasingly common for dental practices to experience patients not paying for treatment.  Included in the […]

4 powerful things to know about Debt Recovery services

Debt Recovery Services in Great Britain Debt recovery services are an essential part of the financial industry. These services help businesses and individuals recover money owed to them by debtors who have failed to pay their debts. In the United Kingdom, there are many debt recovery services available to those who need them. What Are […]

Recovering Unpaid Locum fees in 2023 ✔️

Locums provide backbone to the UK’s healthcare system so unpaid locum fees can be very damaging. Locums are not just used by healthcare facilities, locums are also very common in dental practices as well as Vets across the country There are considerable benefits to somebody working as a locum. It offers flexibility, increased pay and […]

How to recover a Debt from an individual UK

How to recover a Debt from an Individual UK How to recover a debt from an individual in the UK is an increasingly asked question. If you are owed money by an individual it can be a frustrating situation. A debt owed from an individual by be for goods, services or simply a loan to […]

Can I remove goods not paid for? ✔️ 3 things to consider

Common FAQ – Can I remove goods not paid for? Can I remove goods not paid for is a question we hear very often. The rights of a supplier to remove goods not paid for depends on if there is a retention of title clause in their terms. Hopefully this helpful article will answer some […]

Subcontractor and not been paid? – Get Expert Advice now

Subcontractor and Not Been Paid? If you are a subcontractor and not been paid then this can be a serious headache. It is unfortunately common for a contractor to fail to pay a subcontractor within the agreed terms. If so, the subcontracting party is entitled to pursue debt collection action to recover what is owed […]

No Response to Letter Before Action – What Now?

No Response to Letter Before Action – What Now? No response to Letter before Action is a very frustrating situation. Whether it is you or your business that has issued the letter, the content being ignored only serves to fuel tension. A letter before action (LBA) should not be confused with a letter before claim. A letter […]