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Dental Debt Collection Services Federal Management

Dental Debt Collection Services

Recover unpaid dental fees fast with our expert dental debt recovery solutions. Federal Management takes a professional, progressive and pragmatic approach to debt collection, so you can trust us to recover your money legally and with efficiency.

Recover more for less with our dental debt collection services. Call us today for a free pre-action consultation. 

Benefits of Using a Dental Debt Collection Agency

At Federal Management, we understand that non-paying patients and unpaid fees can cause significant strain on the cash flow of any dental practice. To combat this, we have an experienced team of specialists to assist with the collection process quickly and discreetly. Below are some key benefits of using our dental debt collection service.

  • 90% Debt Recovery Success Rate
  • Low Commission Rates
  • Free Debt Appraisal 
  • Legal Compliance
  • Qualified Dental Clinician on Hand

90% Debt Recovery Success Rate

We are proud to say that we have a 90% debt recovery success rate on all undisputed claims. Plus, less than 1% of our cases require legal action. We aim to recover money owed effectively while saving our clients time and money.

Low Commission Rates

At Federal Management, we provide a full-service debt recovery solution with no hidden costs. We offer our dental collection services at a low, fixed fee with the UK’s lowest commission rates, starting from just 6%. We do not charge abortive fees.

Free Debt Appraisal

Our dental debt collection experts will conduct a free and frank appraisal of your chances of debt collection. We will only proceed once we have ascertained the debt is valid, legally owed, and recoverable, saving you time and money.

Legal Compliance

Our debt collection agency is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and we are long-serving members of the Credit Services Association (CSA).

We possess extensive experience in dental debt collections, including the legal framework and regulations that govern them. This ensures that our debt collection for dentists complies with local and international debt collection laws.

Qualified Dental Clinician on Hand

We understand the dental industry can be complex, so our dental debt collection agencies have a qualified dental clinician on hand. Our dental clinician is available to clarify disputes and lend their dental billing expertise, ensuring a smooth collection process.

Recover more debt for less with our dental practice collections services. Call us today for a free and frank debt appraisal. 

What Our Clients Say

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Dental Debt Collection Services Federal Management
Dental Debt Collection Services Federal Management
Dental Debt Collection Services Federal Management
Dental Debt Collection Services Federal Management

Our Expert Dental Office Collections Services

At Federal Management, our recovery rates for unpaid debts are among the highest in the industry.

We understand the importance of discretion and professionalism in dental practices. As a result, we always ensure that the relationship between the dentistry practice and the patient is not jeopardised. We do this by maintaining a discreet and professional approach while still recovering money from the debtor.

As part of our fully comprehensive and inclusive dental office collections service, we include the following actions.

  • Specialist Dental Practice Fee Expertise
  • Letters, Emails and Telephone Calls
  • Debt Collection Officer Visits
  • Professional and Discreet Approach
  • Insolvency Demands
  • All Pre-Action Due Diligence
  • Free Pre-sue Report (If necessary)

Fast-track the debt recovery process with our debt collection for your dental practice. Call our dental bill collections office for a free pre-action consultation. 

Why Use a Dental Collections Company?

Non-paying patients have become an increasing issue for dental offices in the UK. Dental treatments can be costly, making non-payment a setback for business cash flow. Fortunately, Federal Management is the UK’s No.1 for debt recovery.

Take the Professional Approach

When it comes to handling personal and business debts in the UK, we always follow a professional, pragmatic, and persistent approach. Our results-driven agency follows a set of procedures and practices in place to ensure the best chances of recovering debts.

Avoid Costly Court Action Fees

We understand that court action can incur costly fees. Through our experience and expertise, we do our best to get debtors to pay without the need for costly legal assistance. As a result, our collection service saves our clients valuable time and money.

Federal Management — Recover More for Less

Federal Management is the UK’s leading commercial and dental debt collection agency. We are proud to work in partnership with some of the UK’s top financial establishments. Our collaboration with industry leaders helps to support our award-winning services.

By exercising a deep passion for what we do combined with a strong work ethic, we have gained a reputation for delivering superb results. We always aim to achieve this at a minimum cost to our clients.

Our innovative debt collection practices and continued investment in cutting-edge technology have been the backbone of our success. Our debt collectors have access to advanced systems that can accurately analyse debtor behaviour, chances of recovery, and much more.

Since 2009, we have held ISO:9001 accreditation and the Investors in People award for several years. We also hold accreditation from the Credit Services Association with a 100% pass rate. Plus, we are the only debt collection agency accredited by the Financial Services College, making us leaders in the industry.

FAQs About Our Expert Dental Debt Collection Agency

We understand you may have some questions about our dental debt collection agency, and we’re happy to answer them. If there’s anything we haven’t covered below, feel free to contact us.

What Happens if a Debtor Refuses To Pay?

If the debtor fails to respond or make payment, our debt collectors can escalate the matter by sending additional letters before action and making further phone calls. We can also obtain a county court judgment to increase the chances of a successful recovery. Our dental debt collection agency aims to only action legal proceedings as a last resort.

Can Your Dental Debt Collection Agency Guarantee Debt Recovery?

Our business invests 100% effort into every debt collection case. However, no debt collector can guarantee a successful recovery. To avoid disappointment, our debt collection company offers a free pre-action analysis of your debt to measure the potential of a successful payment recovery.

Improve the cash flow of your dental practice with our dental debt collection services. Call us today for a free dental debt appraisal.