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Pre-Sue Report with Federal Management

When all avenues and normal methods of attempting to collect a Debt have been exhausted, it is extremely important to establish whether the debtor (individual or company) actually has the ability to pay the debt in question. We think it prudent to advise that a Pre-sue report should be pre-requisite prior to any form of civil action whther it be the issuing of a claim or insolvency action.

Our pre-sue reports detail any assets they may own, any existing liabilities they may have as well as gathering all other relevant financial information that enables the ability to access the prospects for a successful court or insolvency action.

What our reports detail:

Full Account details for Companies
Asset details including properties etc
Application of due dilligence
A full and frank risk assessment
Credit Check

For further information on this service please contact our New Business Team on 0333 043 4420.

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Pre-Sue Report Federal Management
Pre-Sue Report Federal Management
Pre-Sue Report Federal Management
Pre-Sue Report Federal Management

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