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Insolvency Checks with Federal Management

Our partners, Creditsure offer an immediate Insolvency Checking service on both companies and individuals that provides up to date information in relation to the status of any company or individual in the UK.

Whether it be a Limited Company that is claiming that they have gone into liquidation or administration or an unscrupulous Debtor that is trying to evade payment by claiming they are bankrupt, we can verify the correct legal status of any legal entity (both corporate & consumer) and demist any potential smoke screens by ascerting the facts.

What Creditsure's services offer:

Full Insolvency Register Check for Individuals
Insolvency check against companies including any action pending
IVA & CVA Checks
Bankrutpcy status including discharge date
Insolvency Practioner details were possible

Insolvency Checks Federal Management

For further details on this or any other of Creditsure's services, please visit their website or call their Client Support helpline on 0333 043 4430.

"It is essential that Tenant Checks are done prior to any agreements being signed. I recommend TenantSure's services"
Paul Taylor, Belvoir Lettings

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Insolvency Checks Federal Management
Insolvency Checks Federal Management
Insolvency Checks Federal Management
Insolvency Checks Federal Management

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