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International Debt Recovery Federal Management

International Debt Collection Agency

Federal Management is a trusted international debt collection agency based in the UK. We can recover debts from right across the world, from Austria to Zimbabwe. Our international B2B debt collection agents are on hand to support you so you can focus on running your business.

Trust Federal Management – an established international debt collector – to quickly recover money from your debtors. Contact our team today to kickstart your journey to successful debt recovery.

International Debt Recovery Federal Management

International Debt Collection

We can recover debts from abroad, right across the world. From Austria to Australia, our International Debt Collection Agents are there to support you.

International Debt Recovery Federal Management

International debt recovery is the complete process of recovering cross-border debts. Recovering debt from a different jurisdiction can be an arduous assignment. Arduous in terms of the challenges and intensive in terms of the costs. This need not be the case.

Our international debt collection services are used by many firms in the UK.  We can recover debt from almost anywhere in the world using our strategic support mechanisms.

There are many benefits to using our international collection agency, including:

Low Cost & Fully Inclusive Service

Highest Success Rate of 90%

Global Network of Trusted Agents

Specialist Overseas Team

FREE Pre-Action Appraisal

Low Cost & Fully Inclusive Service

Our business strives to provide a high-level and low-cost international debt recovery service. Our award-winning service offers a multi-channel facility to recover international business debts. We shield our clients from the exorbitant costs normally associated with overseas debt collection by providing a low fixed-fee service.

High Recovery Rates of Up to 90%

We have hundreds of years of combined knowledge in the field of debt recovery, which has resulted in a 90% average debt recovery rate.

Any B2B collection agency must have a deep understanding of international laws and be able to overcome various obstacles. Our international commercial debt recovery has a network of trusted global partners who are well-versed in international debt collections. Changes in time zones, laws, communication, and language barriers are no obstacle for our team.

Global Network of Agents

A local working knowledge of the relevant jurisdictions is critical to our operations. We have connections with hundreds of trusted international debt collection agents across the world — each of which has been vetted. This is to ensure their ethics are consistent with our own.

Specialist Overseas Team

The process of international debt collection in the UK can be challenging due to the differences in laws, regulations, and cultural practices across different countries.

Our international debt collectors navigate these differences while also adhering to ethical standards. They consider legal requirements in both their own country and the country where the debt is owed.

Additionally, language barriers and time zone differences can complicate communications between the parties involved. Our overseas debt recovery specialists are highly trained to overcome these barriers.

FREE Pre-Action Appraisal

From the outset, we provide a FREE pre-action assessment of the case in question. If the debt is not viable to be collected based on our investigations, then we will advise why.

We do not waste time by creating false hope. We are not fee earners and we absorb the brunt of the costs when it comes to international debt recovery. The objective is to collect what you are owed as quickly as possible without leaving you further out of pocket.

With Federal Management, your unpaid debts are no longer out of reach. We can quickly and discreetly collect debt from debtors in many countries. Call us today for a free debt appraisal. 

Our International Commercial Debt Collection Service

If you’re looking for a professional and comprehensive debt recovery service, here’s how we can assist:

Multi-Channel Approach

Our international debt recovery services use various platforms and methods to connect with debtors. This means reaching out to them through a mix of platforms, such as phone calls, emails, text messages, and even social media. This ensures that we have the best possible chance of contacting the debtor and recovering the money owed.

Dispute Resolution & Legal Action

In the unlikely event that international debt recovery companies are unable to recover debt, legal proceedings are the last resort. Our highly-trained debt collectors for international debt collection do their best to avoid the need for legal measures through expert mediation.

Should mediation fail, a CCJ (County Court Judgment) can be obtained. This is a court order telling the debtor to pay the debt. If the debtor ignores a CCJ or doesn’t meet its terms, the court may take more serious action.

Don’t let unpaid debts hold you or your business back. Call us today, and begin your journey towards financial freedom.

High Recovery rates up to 90%

Low Fixed cost Debt Recovery service

Global Network of Agents

Specialist Overseas Team

International Debt Recovery Federal Management

Why Use an International Debt Collection Company?

Reliable international B2B debt collection is imperative for any business specialising in the importing and exporting sector. Our transparent services will ensure your overseas ventures are maximised in terms of profit when customers do not pay their dues.

Our expert international debt collectors have helped countless businesses recover debts quickly and discreetly.  We can recover debt from virtually anywhere in the world, including the USAGermanyFranceThe Netherlands and Ireland.

International debt recovery is a complex process that involves the recovery of debts owed by businesses or individuals in one country by creditors in another.

With globalisation and the increasing connection between the world’s economies, it has become more common for companies and individuals to conduct business across borders. Consequently, the recovery of debt on an international scale has become an increasingly important aspect of global commerce.

Ultimately, debt recovery internationally requires a working knowledge of the local jurisdiction. This needs to be combined with cultural sensitivity and effective communication. Creditors should carefully consider their options and engage the services of experienced professionals to maximise their chances of recovering the debt owed to them.

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International Debt Recovery Reviews

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International Debt Recovery Federal Management
International Debt Recovery Federal Management
International Debt Recovery Federal Management
International Debt Recovery Federal Management

Federal Management: Leading International Debt Recovery Agency

Since 2004, Federal Management has provided award-winning debt recovery solutions across the UK and overseas.

Choosing the wrong international debt collection agency in the UK is worse than choosing none at all. Federal Management is a professional and effective resource for the recovery of global business debts. All our overseas recovery activities are conducted lawfully and ethically.

We are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and uphold the highest standards. We are also proud, longstanding members of the Credit Services Association (CSA). Our robust debt solution is accredited by ISO:9001 and the CSA Initiative. We are also the only debt collection agency accredited by the Financial Services National College.

Our objective is to recover your money expediently and at minimum cost to your business. We provide a one-stop solution for international debt collection and have successfully collected millions worldwide.

International Debt Recovery Federal Management

Common International Debt Collection Queries

If you still have a few questions about our international debt recovery service, we’ve compiled some of the most common queries below.

How Long Does It Take To Recover An International Debt?

As we provide a results-driven service, we aim to recover debt as quickly as possible. There is no linear process or exact time frame for recovering international debt, but we aim for expedient recovery of monies owed overseas.

What is the Cost of International Debt Collection?

The cost of international debt recovery is dependent on the country in question, and we always aim to minimise the cost to our clients. We follow a no collection, no cost principle, with commission rates as low as 6%. Our debt collection agency provides a low fixed-fee service with no collection costs to pay if we do not collect.

Does Federal Management Have International Debt Recovery Agents In Other Countries?

Yes, we have a network of trusted debt collection agents across the world that we have built up over nearly 20 years. An understanding of the local jurisdiction is essential and key to a successful international debt recovery.

Do I Have To Pay Any Costs If You Can’t Recover My International Debt?

No, we provide a fully transparent service where no collection costs are payable if we fail to collect. This is what makes us the number one choice for international debt collection. This applies whether it is unpaid invoices or a personal debt collection.

Can You Guarantee To Collect My Debt?

We guarantee to put 100% effort into trying to collect your debt, but cannot implicitly ‘guarantee’ collection, nobody can. However, we do collect 90% of the debts we take on and offer a free pre-action analysis to measure the potential of success and give you an honest prediction of the potential outcome.

What Information Will You Need To Proceed?

Supporting evidence of your debt is necessary for us to legally proceed. These include copies of invoices, agreements, and proof of debt. These are essential to support any international debt collection claim. We also provide free pre-action checks to measure the prospects of a full recovery.

Are All International Debt Collectors the Same?

Absolutely not. When it comes to debt collection, an FCA-regulated debt collection agency is usually recommended. Only consider working with authorised and accredited international debt collectors, like Federal Management.

Trust our expert international debt collection agency to get debtors in other countries to pay what you are rightfully owed. Contact us today, and we’ll gladly assist with a free appraisal.

International Debt Recovery

 International Debt Recovery is the complete process of recovering cross-border debts. Recovering Debt from a different jurisdiction can be an arduous assignment. Arduous in terms of the challenges and intensive in terms of the costs. This need not be the case.

Working with creditable Recovery Agents can have a dramatic impact of the success of the challenge. A local working knowledge is of massive importance as well as an understanding of the jurisdictional protocols.

 Our experienced International Debt Recovery Agents are well versed on these challenges. This specialist practical experience ensures we are ready to help you recover what you are owed.

We can recover debt from virtually anywhere in the world, including in the USA, Germany, France, The Netherlands and Ireland.

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