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How To Quickly Resolve A Payment Dispute

How To Quickly Resolve A Payment Dispute During normal business to business relationships, it is common practice to set out payment terms before any work is completed. “Payment Terms” refers to the number of days following any completed works in which the invoice must be paid. These are usually

Debt Collection Peterborough

Debt Collection Peterborough Since the beginning of Federal Management’s long history, it has become clear that there is a large need for debt collection requirements in, and around, Peterborough. As part of our UK-wide service, we’ve taken steps to focus our efforts on ensuring we provide a ded

Non Payment Of School Fees

Unfortunately, many private schools throughout the UK are recording an increasing number of unpaid school fees. For financial directors and bursars in private schools, this trend of ‘non payment of school fees’ represents a concerning shift, with many institutes at greater risk. Alongside the gl

Self Employed And Not Been Paid? – What You Should Know

Self Employed And Not Been Paid Working as a freelancer or independent worker can be challenging at the best of times, but when you’re hit with late-paying clients this can make being self employed a lot harder. Late payments are an extremely common challenge for freelance workers in the UK, and i

Debt Collection California

Debt Collection California Federal Management is the UK’s No1 choice for international debt collections. Alongside our own trusted network of international debt collection officers, we recover debts for businesses and private individuals across the globe. The benefits to our award-winning debt col

High Value Debt Collection

Dealing with High Value Debt Collection comes with its own challenges. Ensuring all actions are taken appropriately is essential to achieve the desired results. If the actions taken to recover a debt are not compliant and lawful, it can prejudice the debt in question itself. High Value Debt Collecti

Debt Collection Agency Canada

Debt Collection Agency Canada Federal Management are the leading international debt collection specialist in the UK. Together with our network of international B2B debt collection agents, we help businesses and private individuals recover their debts across the globe. The benefits to our award-winni

Debt Purchase | Selling Your Debt’s – Is It Worth It ?

Debt Purchase – Is it worth it? (Spoiler – probably not!) Most businesses have some kind of debt collection process in place for problem clients. Often, matters can be resolved by an in-house accounts team and business continues as normal. Sadly, every business has a number of ‘bad pa

Small Business customer not paid invoice? – What can you do

If a Small Business Customer doesn’t pay their invoice, what can you do? All Business invoice payments should be made on time. It is a simple obligatory requirement that is part of a streamlined business process. As anybody in Business knows, this is not always the case. Having simple processe

Chasing Unpaid Invoices – 5 step action plan

What is the best strategy for chasing unpaid invoices? When you have provided goods or services that the customer is happy with, it is natural they should pay within your terms. This is a fundamental within the Business world. Regrettably this is not always the case as any Business owner will know.