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The growing significance of International Debt Recovery

In today’s increasingly globalised economy, the significance of international debt recovery continues to grow as businesses expand their operations across borders and engage in transactions with customers and clients worldwide. As a result, there is an escalating need for businesses to be well-equipped to handle the challenges of cross-border debt recovery and develop effective strategies […]

Debt Collection Scotland – Professional Debt Recovery

  Debt Collection Scotland – Professional Debt Recovery Debt Collection Scotland has a very important to role to play in the UK’s economy. Every business in Scotland knows the challenges and frustrations that a bad payer brings. Unpaid invoices, disputes and absconded clients all generate unwanted issues. This, importantly, wastes precious time and money and […]

European Debt Collection after Brexit

Brexit and Its Potential Effect on European Debt Collection The UK’s scheduled exit from Europe at the end of October will affect many things not least being the European debt collection industry. Depending on what decisions are made, we may be about to experience some upheaval as the laws governing outgoing and incoming judgement enforcement […]

Collecting Debt from Foreign Countries

Collecting Debt from Foreign Countries People and businesses alike need help collecting debt from foreign countries. The European business community continues to develop. It is increasing exporting rates, and there is a daily increase in business. Global trade has grown, and businesses at every level now buy and sell on an international scale. There is […]

International Debt Collectors

International Debt Collectors It is easier than ever before to do business, with millions of agreements and transactions happening daily. Boundaries and borders no longer exist, and businesses now have the potential to operate on a global scale. Whilst this is a great step for businesses, it also provides a greater opportunity for debt to […]

Collection of Dubai Debt in the UK

Collection of Dubai Debt in the UK We are often approached by Companies in Dubai for the collection of debt from individuals that have returned to the UK. They left Dubai, leaving behind unpaid debts in the UAE. Some may say it is quite understandable why people would return to the UK without clearing debts […]

Worldwide Debt Collection Agency collect debt

The latest “Global Collections Review” survey undertaken by leading credit management specialist Atradius Collections, assessed the current commercial debt collection trends and practices with more than 1,700 companies in nine European countries. This second study, builds on the findings from the initial research released in January 2010, focusing on the use of debt collections services […]

Collection Industry Braces For CARD Act Challenges

The US debt collection industry is wired as the implementation of the Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility and Disclosure (CARD) Act moves closer. Many debt collectors are expecting large changes as of Feb. 22, when many provisions of the Act take effect, with the primary focus now on adapting to what is soon to be a new […]

Debt Collectors Hunt Dubai Defaulters Abroad

Across the UAE, lenders are hiring international debt collection agencies to hunt down customers who owe them money as they attempt to recoup huge losses incurred when thousands of expats skipped the country without clearing their debts, Emirates Business reported on Tuesday. In one example cited by the UAE daily Dubai-based mortgage lender Tamweel has hired […]

New Jersey Assembly Consider Debt Collection Bill

For the second time in less than a year, the New Jersey Assembly will consider legislation concerning the debt collection bill. It is being argued that revising the Fair Debt Collections Act would help eliminate harassing, intimidating and abusive debt collection practices and it would also give those being chased a way to dispute and […]