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Send a Final Reminder Email: Best Tips for Small Business Owners

Time to Send a Final reminder email  Managing finances and ensuring timely payments are crucial for the financial health of any small business. The final reminder email is a critical communication tool you have at your disposal when invoices go unpaid or tasks remain incomplete.  Crafting an effective final reminder email not only demonstrates your […]

How to Send a Final Demand Letter: Best practice Guide

Why Send a Final Demand Letter In today’s fast-paced world of UK Business, it is common for businesses and individuals to have outstanding debts. Whether it’s an unpaid invoice or overdue wholesaler account, these debts can cause significant financial strain and affect the cash flow of any organisation. In such cases, sending a final demand […]

Unpaid Invoice Reminder: Tips and tricks

Unpaid invoice reminder explained In the world of business, it is not uncommon to have clients who are hesitant or forgetful when it comes to paying invoices. As a result, businesses often struggle with unpaid invoices, leading to cash flow problems and hindering the growth of the company.  In such situations, it becomes essential for […]

Dealing with Unpaid Sumup Invoices in 2024

How to Deal with Unpaid Sumup Invoices? Sumup is a popular payment processing platform that provides small businesses and individuals with an easy way to accept payments. It has gained popularity due to its user-friendly interface, affordable fees and wide range of features.  However, like any other payment service provider, Sumup also faces issues with […]

How to send Xero Invoice reminders

Xero Invoice reminders Sending Xero invoice reminders is a very useful tool if you’re using Xero accounting software. As a business owner, one of the most important aspects of managing your finances is sending and tracking invoices. This ensures that you get paid for the products or services you provide to your customers. However, keeping […]

Preventing bad debts, Expert Tips for Small Businesses in 2024

Preventing bad debts from occurring should be a key consideration for any Business, large or small. 2024 is going to be a huge year for some small businesses with a ‘make or break’ attitude for many. Dealing with unpaid invoices and navigating debt recovery can be a significant challenge for both individuals and businesses. Being […]

Avoiding Unpaid Business Debt – Best Small Business guide

In a world of fierce competition and uncertain economic conditions, small business owners face numerous challenges and one of them is tackling unpaid business debt. Financial stability is a crucial factor in the growth and longevity of a small business, underlining the importance of effective cash flow management and debt prevention strategies.  The importance of […]

Debt Collection for Catering Supplies Businesses

Debt Collection for Catering Supplies Companies In the catering supplies industry, maintaining a robust cash flow is crucial to ensuring smooth operations and business growth. However, many companies in this sector find themselves grappling with the issue of late or non-payment from clients, which can significantly impact their financial health. This article explores effective debt […]

Collecting a debt from a dissolved company

Owed money from a dissolved company? Collecting a debt from a dissolved company can be a complex process. Very often, a company is closed because it is unable to pay its debts. Very often, the company will go into liquidation but not always. If a business owes you money and they have been dissolved, there […]

What can I do if a company in liquidation owes me money?

What can I do if a company in liquidation owes me money? When a company to which you are a creditor goes into liquidation, it can be a stressful and complicated situation. However, understanding your rights and the process of liquidation can alleviate some of this stress. This article aims to provide you with a […]

Client not paying invoice – 3 Expert tips ✔️

As a business owner, one of the most frustrating situations to deal with is a client not paying invoice. Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence in the business world and can create significant financial strain for small businesses. There are several reasons why a client might not pay an invoice. Sometimes, it is simply an […]

Directors personal guarantee – Debt Collection Action

Directors Personal guarantee and Debt Recovery Limited Company Directors can routinely be required to provide a Directors personal guarantee. This is often used when securing a loan or various financial arrangements. In the event that the Limited Company goes into liquidation, the Director can be held personally liable for the debt. These are not used […]

Recovering debt from a Sole Trader in 4 basic steps

Recovering debt from a Sole Trader Recovering debt from a sole trader is not straight forward. Very often a sole trader maybe using a trading name. They do not have limited liability as a Limited company does and therefore can be treated differently. Debt Recovery is a common challenge that many businesses face on a […]

The full Importance of Accounts receivables

What are Accounts Receivables? Managing accounts receivables is a crucial aspect of managing a business’s financial health. Accounts receivables refer to the money owed to a business by its customers for goods or services rendered. Efficient and effective management of accounts receivables ensures that a business maintains a steady cash flow, which is essential for […]

Claiming VAT back on bad debts – Tips and advice

Claiming VAT back on bad debts In these tough times, claiming VAT back on bad debts can soften the blow of unpaid Business invoices. With continuing economic uncertainty, there has been a rise in Business Debt Collection usage. Late payment of invoices is on the rise and any assistance to help ease the impact of […]

How does a CCJ affect a Limited Company?

How does a CCJ affect a Ltd Company? Sometimes and if necessary, a claimant can issue a County Court judgment when a debtor fails to pay what they owe. A CCJ ratifies the debt and makes it legally binding. It is designed to motivate the Limited company to pay what they owe but that is […]

Overdue Invoice – 3 Free reminder email templates

  Overdue invoice reminder email An overdue invoice can literally cause chaos for a Small Business. This can be in terms of it disrupting cash flow or simply just the time spent on chasing payments.  Late payment of an overdue invoice can also make it harder for a business to spend money especially if they […]

The No1 Solution for Recovering Private Medical Fees

Recovering Private Medical Fees Whilst the NHS still dominates most of the UK, around 12% of the population is still covered by private health insurance. Common types of private healthcare include dental treatment, physiotherapy, diagnostics, surgery and consultations. The cost of treatment may vary depending on the type of personal injury claims that need to […]

Debt Collection for Vets – Proven and trusted solutions

Debt Collection for Vets – Effective Help and Advice Are you the Manager or owner of a veterinary practice that is suffering from overdue and unpaid vet fees? Have your customers used every excuse under the sun as to why they cannot pay what is owed? If so, you will need a dedicated, professional debt […]

Debt Collection for Businesses – #1 Expert Advice

Debt Collection for Businesses – #1 Expert Advice When invoices go unpaid and payments are missed, debt collection for businesses is a practice that is sought out by many. It is no secret that the more robust a business’s credit control processes are, the fewer financial difficulties that will arise. Credit control teams are no […]