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Debt Collection California

Debt Collection California Federal Management is the UK’s No1 choice for international debt collections. Alongside our own trusted network of international debt collection officers, we recover debts for businesses and private individuals across the globe. The benefits to our award-winning debt collection services are: High recovery rates as high as 90% Low fixed cost debt […]

What is a Commercial Debt Recovery Agency?

A Commercial Debt Recovery Agency should be a Professional solution for the collection of overdue B2B invoices or such like. It can also be a resource for the recovery of delinquent accounts arising from services or goods provided. Commercial Debt Recovery services are normally carried out by a third party of behalf of Businesses. They […]

Business to Business Debt Collection

Business to Business Debt Collection has a very important role to play in British commerce. Daily Business transactions do not always involve initial payments and this is where a debt can arise. Very often Businesses may supply goods or a service on a invoice after basis. There are frequently situations where a Business Customer does […]

Debt Recovery for the Advertising industry

Debt Recovery for the advertising industry plays very much a supportive role. The UK’s advertising market place is the 4th biggest in the world. Advertising expenditure is estimated at well over 23 Billion pounds. Digital Marketing in the UK is one of the biggest areas overtaking Television advertising as the largest niche. Newspaper and editorial […]

Collection of Commercial Rent Arrears

Any Landlord in England and Wales who is faced with a Tenant who has Unpaid Commercial Rent Arrears has a number of options to recover it

B2B Debt Collection

  A recent report showed that over 63% of small Businesses are battling late payment issues however this can be minimised with a pro active B2B Debt Collection service. The UK’s smallest Businesses are at risk of dealing with non payment of invoices according to a report from Hitachi Capital Business Finance. Other Research also […]

Dealing with Business late payment excuses

Dealing with Business Late Payment Excuses Getting clients to pay what they are due and on time is proving difficult for many business owners, and with that comes a variety of excuses clients present for the late payment. Although many may be genuine issue, it may just be an excuse so it is essential to […]

5 smart tips for collecting overdue Business invoices

Top tips for getting your Business paid If you are in business, then in all probability, you will have experienced late-paying customers. Maybe even customers that point blank refuse to pay anything at all. A recent study conducted by the National Federation of Independent business revealed that over 60% of small businesses have outstanding invoices […]

Recovering debt from a company in England or Wales

  If you are owed money by a company is England or Wales then it really does pay to do your homework. There are a range of Debt Collection options available to you for recovering a debt from a company however you should be looking for the most cost effective, professional option that will get […]

UK Businesses Best Debt Recovery Agency

UK Businesses First Choice for the Best Debt Recovery Agency FREE NO OBLIGATION DEBT RECOVERY QUOTE Federal Management are only a phone call away, 0800 043 6922. Debt Collection can be a daunting and time consuming project, especially when several of your clients are behind on their payments. Potential losses can be incurred if your […]