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Recovery of Debt – What To Do When A Client Doesn’t Pay

Recovery of Debt – What To Do When A Client Doesn’t Pay When you have provided a service to a client, it is only right that they pay you for the work that has been done. When it comes to business-to-business dealings, it has become extremely easy for organisations to get out of paying on […]

Self Employed And Not Been Paid? – What You Should Know

Self Employed And Not Been Paid Working as a freelancer or independent worker can be challenging at the best of times, but when you’re hit with late-paying clients this can make being self employed a lot harder. Late payments are an extremely common challenge for freelance workers in the UK, and it’s been shown that […]

Chasing Unpaid Invoices – 5 step action plan

What is the best strategy for chasing unpaid invoices? When you have provided goods or services that the customer is happy with, it is natural they should pay within your terms. This is a fundamental within the Business world. Regrettably this is not always the case as any Business owner will know. The problem starts […]

Small Business Debt Recovery

A specialised Small Business Debt Recovery service can help massively. They will take the sting out of the situation for you and minimise its impact. As a representative of your Business, they can swiftly act. They will be well versed in all scenarios and know what to do. Chasing non paying customers is not profitable. […]

Business Credit Control Tips for 2020

  The New year is here and Business Credit Control is more important than ever.  The beginning of 2020 and a new decade is a great start for new practices in your Business. It can provide the chance to implement new Credit Control procedures for your Business. It is not a case of reinventing the […]

Are you in need of Commercial Debt Recovery?

The Importance of Commercial Debt Recovery Getting paid by your customers is absolutely crucial to your businesses cash-flow, slow and non paying customers can have serious impacts and not getting paid can quite literally put you out of business. If your customers are not paying then you should consider a commercial debt recovery plan to […]

Why use a Debt Collection Agency for your Business?

Why use a debt collection Agency? – Is your company’s cash flow struggling due to non-paying customers? Well, it will not surprise you to find out that you certainly are not on your own. Most companies do have problems getting payment when they provide a  service or product to a customer with 80% of small […]

Debt Collection for Small Businesses

Key Points: Debt Collection Agencies (DCA) Low, Fixed Cost Debt Collection Core Business Modern Collection Techniques Choosing the best agency providing Debt Collection for Small Businesses Are they Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority? Customer Feedback Their Field of Expertise Small businesses and sole traders rely on a steady inflow of cash from their customers […]

These simple steps will boost your Business profits

Operating a Business in current economic times is more difficult than ever however there are ‘smart’ choices you can make that are total game changers in terms of profitability. Making sure that your invoices are paid on time is a difficult task, even at the best of times. For businesses that don’t require payment upfront, […]

Tracking down a sole trader or Business owner

There are an estimated five million plus Businesses operating in the United Kingdom today and Sole Traders / Unlimited companies make up a large number of that figure. Sole Traders will typically operate from home or quite often trade out of Units, Shops and all other assortment of commercial premises but if their trade hits […]