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Exploring the role of a Statutory Demand in Debt Recovery

When all else fails, a potent debt recovery tool can be the use of a statutory demand. This is a formal legal notice requiring a debtor to either pay their outstanding debt or face the potential of bankruptcy or, in the case of companies, liquidation. By leveraging the implications of a stat demand, creditors can […]

Directors personal guarantee – Debt Collection Action

Directors Personal guarantee and Debt Recovery Limited Company Directors can routinely be required to provide a Directors personal guarantee. This is often used when securing a loan or various financial arrangements. In the event that the Limited Company goes into liquidation, the Director can be held personally liable for the debt. These are not used […]

The 4 steps for unpaid invoice legal action ✔️

Unpaid Invoice Legal Action As a business owner, one of the most frustrating things is facing to do unpaid invoice legal action. If you have been having to chase down clients for payment of an unpaid invoice, they could be an option you’re considering.  It can be time-consuming and stressful, but sometimes it’s necessary to […]

How does a CCJ affect a Limited Company?

How does a CCJ affect a Ltd Company? Sometimes and if necessary, a claimant can issue a County Court judgment when a debtor fails to pay what they owe. A CCJ ratifies the debt and makes it legally binding. It is designed to motivate the Limited company to pay what they owe but that is […]

Debt Collection Solicitors or Debt Collection Agency?

Debt Collection Solicitors vs Debt Collection Agency When an invoice goes unpaid, many Businesses ask themselves should I use debt collection solicitors or a debt collection agency. Once all efforts have been ignored and invoice late payment reminder email has gone unanswered, it is time to take action. Maybe it is the first time that […]

Expert advice on Enforcing a CCJ ✔️ CCJ ENFORCEMENT

Enforcing a CCJ and CCJ Enforcement can be a challenge for any business. You have obtained a County Court Judgement and still have not been paid. It is a common scenario that many businesses and individuals face. Gone are the days where it was a straight forward exercise however we will try to simply it […]

Letter before Action – Top tips for success

Letter Before Action – What Is It? A “Letter Before Action” (LBA), is a document that is used to send a ‘final notice’ message to a debtor. This normally states that you intend to take steps (such as court action, legal action or charging interest) if payment is not made. Large and small businesses, sole […]

What to do if a Debtor has Absconded

What to do if a Debtor has Absconded If you are a business owner, you may have come across people who do not pay for goods or services that you have provided. This is a very common problem for companies across the country. Only the most perceptive and experienced business owners… …can recognise the signs […]

How To Collect An Unpaid CCJ

How To Collect An Unpaid CCJ Do you work for a Business-to-Business organisation and have recently experienced problem clients that have left payments unpaid or missed payment dates? Have you exhausted all means of communication to chase the client for payment? Are you asking yourself How To Collect An Unpaid CCJ? If you have clients […]

No win No fee Debt Collection – Too Good To Be True?

What Are The Key Points What Is No ‘Win No Fee Debt Collection’? 5 Facts to Consider for No Win No Fee Debt Collection What are the Alternatives to a No Win No Fee Debt Collection Agency? As the old saying goes “if something is too good to be true, then it probably is”. You […]