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The growing significance of International Debt Recovery

In today’s increasingly globalised economy, the significance of international debt recovery continues to grow as businesses expand their operations across borders and engage in transactions with customers and clients worldwide. As a result, there is an escalating need for businesses to be well-equipped to handle the challenges of cross-border debt recovery and develop effective strategies […]

Navigating Cross Border Debt Collection and Expert Debt Recovery

In today’s globalised economy, businesses often deal with clients and suppliers across different countries, giving rise to the complex challenge of cross border debt collection. International debt recovery presents unique obstacles, ranging from language barriers and differences in legal systems to cultural nuances and logistical issues. As a business owner or credit professional dealing with […]

Debt Collection in Singapore

Debt Collection in Singapore Federal Management has helped UK businesses recover money from non-paying clients in Singapore since our opening in 2005. International debt collection is typically more complex when compared to collecting debts locally. It is common for businesses to attempt collection activities themselves. This involves credit management and customer service teams performing the […]

Collection of debt from Egypt | Debt Collection

Debt Collection in Egypt Egypt has historically built positive business bonds with a large list of countries across the globe. For example, relations between Egypt and the UK are longstanding, with politics, defence and trade being at the forefront. The strong trade partnership has allowed UK businesses to provide a large number of goods and […]

Debt Collection in Denmark

Debt Collection in Denmark Since 2004, Federal Management has helped UK businesses recover money from debtors located all over the world. We are widely accepted as the leading solution for international debt collection services. Our proven and effective service has recovered millions of pounds worth of unpaid debt for thousands of businesses in the UK. […]

Private and Business Debt Collection in Brazil

Debt Collection in Brazil For many UK based businesses, it can often seem impossible to collect a debt from a client in Brazil. There are many factors that must be taken into account, such as the time difference, language barrier and local laws & customs. Whilst this may be a challenge for businesses to resolve […]

The challenges of Debt Collection in Russia

Debt Collection in Russia Russia is the largest country in the world and has a population of around 146.2 million people. Its impressive population has provided global businesses with the opportunity to develop a positive trade relationship with Russia. More specifically, there are thousands of businesses across the United Kingdom that provide goods and services […]

Debt Collection for a debt in Finland

Debt Collection in Finland Does your business deal with clients in Finland? Are you owed money resulting from unpaid invoices? Has a client in Finland missed the due date on an invoice again? Many businesses that deal with clients based in foreign countries find themselves in this position. Being owed money by anyone is always […]

Effective Debt Collection in Luxembourg

Debt Collection in Luxembourg Luxembourg has trade relationships with a large number of countries, making it the second-richest in the world. The economy of Luxembourg comprises mostly of banking, steel and industrial sectors. There is a plentiful amount of UK businesses that provide goods and services to companies across Luxembourg. As reported by Trading Economics, […]

Expert Debt Collection in Greece

Debt Collection in Greece Is your business owed money by a client in Greece that is refusing to pay? Are you in search of a professional debt collection agency to recover your money? Federal Management’s leading debt collection process provides a low-cost and effective solution. Our average debt recovery rate is above 90% on all […]

Overseas Debt Collection in Austria

Debt Collection in Austria Businesses across the United Kingdom have had long-standing relationships throughout history with companies across the globe. International trade has quickly become a large part of every business’s core income stream. In some cases, owners of UK firms may rely on international business more than others. Austria is one such country that […]

Debt Collection service in South Africa

Debt Collection in South Africa International trade has become increasingly popular in the present business sphere with many companies in the UK working with clients overseas. South Africa is a country that the United Kingdom regularly exports to. It was recorded that the amount of UK exports to South Africa in 2020 was $1.68 Billion. […]

Direct Debt Collecting in Portugal

Debt Collection in Portugal Are you the owner of a business that is owed money from a non-paying client in Portugal? If so, Federal Management can act to recover your money swiftly and effectively. We provide a professional and effective European debt collection service that has an average debt recovery rate of 90% on undisputed […]

Debt Collection in Czech Republic

Debt Collection in Czech Republic In the modern business world, it has become increasingly common for businesses in the UK to work with international companies. It is true that some businesses rely on the income that international business generates more than others. The Czech Republic is a country that companies in the UK deal with […]

Debt Collection in Turkey

Debt Collection in Turkey Many businesses based in the UK deal with clients all over the world. One such partner is Turkey, which the UK exported $6.3 billion worth of goods to in 2020. As with any other trading relationship, British businesses are noticing that there are always instances of non-paying clients resulting in unpaid […]

Debt Collection in Poland

Debt Collection in Poland Are you a business owner that has a client in Poland that is withholding payment for goods provided? If so, you need to take action to recover what is owed before it is too late. Since 2004, we have helped thousands of clients that are owed money by debtors based in […]

Debt Collection in Norway

Debt Collection in Norway For a lot of UK businesses, it may seem like it is impossible to recover a debt from someone in another country. Factors such as foreign laws, the language barrier and even more unknowns all make it seem extremely complex. Many businesses have tried to collect a debt themselves in the […]

Debt Collection in Japan

Debt Collection in Japan The economy of Japan is the third-largest in the world with major exports in automobiles and electronics. Throughout history, the United Kingdom and Japan have had a positive trade relationship. In 2020, it was recorded that the total number of UK exports to Japan was around $7.14 Billion. Vehicles, electronics and […]

Debt Collection in Sweden

Debt Collection in Sweden Sweden is one of Europes most prosperous nations, trading across the EU as well as the rest of the world. In 2020, the UK exported $5.6 billion worth of goods, making Sweden a key partner of Britain. Companies from across the UK that have been trading with Sweden have strong links […]

Collecting a Debt From Switzerland

Collecting a Debt From Switzerland Are you a business owner that has outstanding unpaid fees from someone in Switzerland? If this is the case, you need to take action immediately to recover the money that is owed. Due to the amount of business that occurs between Switzerland and the UK, it is no surprise as […]