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Debt Collection Services in the UK

If you are seeking Debt Collection services in the UK, then it is likely you or your Business have become a victim of non payment in some shape or form. Any successful Company relies on a expected cash flow in over to meet its overheads but that can be conflicted at times. If customers are […]

Debt Collection in Leeds

As the third largest City in the United Kingdom, Leeds boasts a huge population of over 800,000 people and boasts a GVA of £20Bn+ According to research from the Centre for Economic & Business research, the economy for Leeds is expected to growth by at least 10% over the next ten years. Leeds based Businesses […]

Debt Collection for the Luxury Travel sector

Debt Collection for the Private Jet and Luxury Travel Sector Whilst most visiting any of the UK’s major airports will be travelling on an airbus, Boeing 747 or similar jumbo jet aircraft, there are also many private jet and executive travel aircraft active across the world’s skies. Often perceived as being a something of a […]

Debt Collection for the Events Management Industry

  The Events Management sector in a booming industry in the United Kingdom worth upwards of £42.3 Bn according to a report earlier this year. A specialised Debt Collection for Events Management service can therefore be seen as an essential element of the continuance in the growth of this sector. This sector is reliant of […]

Debt Collection Agency for Insolvency Practitioners

At Federal Management, we act as the chosen Debt Collection for Insolvency Practitioners across the United Kingdom in relation to the collection of fees and unpaid invoices. In addition, we can provide our specialist debt collection services to recover debts on behalf of companies that was subject to liquidation or administration orders.

Choosing the right Debt Collection Agency

When you are choosing a debt collection agency, it is essential that you apply due diligence. There are over 400 Debt Collection Agencies in the UK so it pays to be diligent when seeking a debt recovery solution. You will find that only a small percentage are actually suitable to assist you or your business with […]

UK Businesses First Choice for Debt Recovery.

UK Businesses First Choice for Debt Recovery FREE NO OBLIGATION DEBT RECOVERY QUOTE Federal Management are only a phone call away, 0800 043 6922. Debt Collection can be a daunting and time consuming project, especially when several of your clients are behind on their payments. Potential losses can be incurred if your payments are not […]

Credit Checking – Avoid Cash-Flow Disasters.

Are you in control of who you give credit to? Read this quick guide to help you check new customers and avoid cashflow disasters. Whether you are lending for 30, 60 or even 90 days, it can have a massive impact on your cashflow if customers are late to pay. This lack of cashflow can impact […]

Commercial Dispute Resolution and Debt Collection

  Disputes can arise in many aspects of everyday business life and finding a fair resolution should be the objective of both parties. Easier said than done… Raising a ‘dispute’ can simply be a stalling tactic or a way not to pay for some unethical individuals. How you deal with this is your choice and […]

National Debt of the United Kingdom Infographic

The UK National debt is the total quantity of money borrowed by the Government of the United Kingdom at any one time through the issue of securities by the British Treasury and other Government agencies. Official figures state that as of July 2011 the British national debt amounted to £940 billion, or 68% of total […]