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Top Business Credit Control tips for 2024

Business credit control tips for 2024 Effective Business credit control tips should not be underestimated when it comes to cash flow. Chasing unpaid invoices means sacrificing time, effort and funds into a carousel of revolving late payment. The bigger your customer base, the bigger the potential issues you might face. Business Credit control is often […]

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II – State Funeral Bank Holiday 19th September 2022

  We will join with people across the United Kingdom and indeed, across the world in mourning the sad loss of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II The announcement was made by the Government that the Queen’s state funeral on Monday 19th September 2022 is to be a National Bank Holiday as people mark pay their […]

The No1 Solution for Recovering Private Medical Fees

Recovering Private Medical Fees Whilst the NHS still dominates most of the UK, around 12% of the population is still covered by private health insurance. Common types of private healthcare include dental treatment, physiotherapy, diagnostics, surgery and consultations. The cost of treatment may vary depending on the type of personal injury claims that need to […]

Overdue Business Invoice Collection – No1 Advice Guide

Overdue Business Invoice Collection – No1 Advice Guide One of the main objectives of any business is to make enough money to support and further grow itself. Regardless of whether you are a large business or a contractor not been paid for work, your invoices deserve payment. It may surprise you to know that the […]

Helpful Guide for Recovering Unpaid Fees in 2024

Helpful Guide for Recovering Unpaid Fees in 2024 Most business days will consist of providing services to clients, which are then expected to be paid for. This type of payment is commonly known as a fee and can be applied in a variety of ways to B2B transactions. Various examples of these payments include admission fees, […]

What Is the Commercial Debt Collection Process?

What Is the Commercial Debt Collection Process? Every commercial business will need help recovering money from clients at least once across its lifetime. Regardless of how stringent your credit control procedures are, late payments of invoices can still slip through the cracks. In recent years, this has sadly become normality within day-to-day life across every […]

I Am Owed Money: Best Self Employed Debt Help

I Am Owed Money: Best Self Employed Debt Help Has an unstable business transaction left you in a position where you need self employed debt help? Many debts may affect you as a self employed individual, including those related to loans, credit cards, late invoice payments and more. There are around 4.4 million self employed […]

How to Collect a Debt From a Business, Expert Guide

How to Collect a Debt From a Business,  Specialist Advice Are you or your company looking for advice on how to collect a debt from a business client? It may be that your company has provided a service and the invoice has not been paid by the debtor. Alternatively, you may have commercial tenants that […]

Expert Guide to preventing Late Payment in 2024

  Expert Guide to preventing Late Payment in 2024 No matter the size or scale of your business, you expect all of your invoices to be paid on time by your clients. After all, your staff will have spent lots of time and resources providing the service to the client in the first place. The […]

Debt Collection Agency Canada

Federal Management are the leading international debt collection specialist in the UK. Together with our network of international B2B debt collection agents, we help businesses and private individuals recover their debts across the globe. The benefits to our award-winning debt collection services are: High recovery rates as high as 90% Low fixed cost debt recovery […]

Debt Purchase | Selling Your Debt’s – Is It Worth It ?

Debt Purchase – Is it worth it? (Spoiler – probably not!) Most businesses have some kind of debt collection process in place for problem clients. Often, matters can be resolved by an in-house accounts team and business continues as normal. Sadly, every business has a number of ‘bad payers’. Despite the best efforts of your staff, […]

Business Customer Not Paid?

Business Customer Not Paid Leading and running a business can be difficult enough. This is even without the issue of a Business Customer that has not paid. For most companies in the world, the primary source of income is from sales. Invoice payments from all of your business customers should be honoured. After all, you […]

Essential Credit Control tips for 2019

A New year is often the perfect time to implement new procedures and practices into your existing Business Credit Control procedures.

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