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Debt Collection Agency Canada

Debt Collection Agency Canada Federal Management

Federal Management are the leading international debt collection specialist in the UK.

Together with our network of international B2B debt collection agents, we help businesses and private individuals recover their debts across the globe.

The benefits to our award-winning debt collection services are:

  • High recovery rates as high as 90%
  • Low fixed cost debt recovery service
  • Global network of agents
  • Specialist overseas team

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Debt Collection Agency Canada

As with any international debt, it can often seem like an even greater challenge to collect debts from a country other than your own.

After all, there are an entire set of laws and financial regulations which are totally unique to the nation in question.

For in-house credit control teams, this can present a challenge – one which may represent a significant time investment and take staff away from more productive tasks.

Fortunately, debt collections agencies such as Federal Management specialise in collecting international debts.

Outsourcing collection of an international debt has many benefits. Firstly, it means that your in-house credit control team don’t have to spend the time doing the work themselves, freeing them to work on more productive tasks.

Secondly, and most importantly, a dedicated overseas debt collection agency will be aware of and have experience in collecting debts in any country.

In the case of Canada, for example, Federal Management have collected debts there on behalf of customers across the globe, and so already have an in-depth working knowledge of the laws and financial regulations unique to Canada.

For example, Canada is an incredibly diverse nation, with 2 official languages spoken across the country, as well as a number of indigenous languages spoken. Alongside this, there are a vast array of cultures and legal processes.

As well as the cultural factors, there are several differences in the way in which Canada oversees the legal aspect of debt collections. Working with a Canadian debt collection agency specialist will provide insider knowledge.

For example. A debt can become ‘Statue’ in Canada (meaning it has passed the point where the debt can be recovered) in 6 years. However, if there is any written acknowledgement of the debt within those three years, then the 6-year limitation period is reset.

There are many special exemptions to this rule however, and for a full free-appraisal it’s best to speak to an expert. Working knowledge of Canadian debt Collection laws is essential.

Federal Management are familiar with laws such as this, and as such are a good choice when searching for debt collection companies in Canada.

Debt Collection Agency Canada Federal Management

B2B Debt Collection Agency

In terms of choosing a collections agency, Debt Collection in Canada requires the same approach as anywhere else.

Debt Collection Agency Canada – The key points to look for when choosing a Canadian Debt Collection Agency:

  • The collection agency has a local collections network
  • The agency has past experience with debt collection in Canada
  • Do they have a global network of collections teams
  • Client’s feedback
  • They are regulated, by the FCA for example (in the UK)

Debt Recovery Services

Federal Management’s international service provides one of the leading services amongst Debt Collection Agency Canada options.

Our trusted network of international collections partners ensures that debt collection in Canada can be resolved swiftly, professionally and recover the maximum amount possible.

To speak with a member of the international debt collections team, please call us on 0333 043 4425, or use our Enquiry form.

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Our friendly team of Debt Collection Experts are happy to help you today,


Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Collect Debts In Canada?

Yes! We are an international debt collection agency, and we have our own trusted network of international collections partners to collect debts anywhere in the world.

Are There Many Differences In Collecting Debts From Canada To The UK?

There are a lot of differences, such as the 6 year statute period which has a lot of special exemptions. There are also different rules for different provinces. For a full transparent assessment of your debt, speak to one of our friendly debt collection experts.

Do You Only Collect Business Debts (B2B)?

We also help private individuals with private debt collections together with our partner Frontline Collections.

How long Have You Collected Debt’s Internationally?

We have collected international debts since our opening in 2004.

How Much Will It Cost To Collect A Debt In Canada?

We operate the Lowest Commission rates for international Debts. We provide a Free Legal assessment to ensure the debt is legally valid and collectable. A small instruction fee is payable and claimed back.