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Debt Purchase | Selling Your Debt’s – Is It Worth It ?

Debt Purchase – Is it worth it? (Spoiler – probably not!) Most businesses have some kind of debt collection process in place for problem clients. Often, matters can be resolved by an in-house accounts team and business continues as normal. Sadly, every business has a number of ‘bad pa

Small Business customer not paid invoice? – What can you do

Small Business Customer Not paid invoice? What can you do? Business invoice payments should be made on time. It is a simple obligatory requirement that is part of a streamlined business process. As anybody in Business knows, this is not always the case. Having simple processes in place will usually

Chasing Unpaid Invoices – 5 step action plan

Chasing Unpaid Invoices – 5 step action plan What is the best strategy for chasing unpaid invoices? When you have provided goods or services that the customer is happy with, it is natural they should pay within your terms. This is fundamental within the Business world. Regrettably, this is not

Sponsorship Deal agreed with Premiership chasing Football Club

Federal Management are proud to announce that a sponsorship deal has been agreed with Premiership hopefuls Preston North End. The deal will run for the remainder of the current season including the play offs if Preston can remain in the play off places. With all remaining games of the football seaso

What is a Commercial Debt Recovery Agency?

Commercial Debt Recovery Agency A Commercial Debt Recovery Agency should be a Professional solution for the collection of overdue B2B invoices. It can also be a resource for the recovery of delinquent accounts arising from services or goods provided. Commercial Debt Recovery services are normally ca

Getting Unpaid Invoices paid

Getting Unpaid Invoices paid Getting Unpaid Invoices paid is crucial for any business in the UK. When you have provided goods or service for a client, you expect payment. That is how the conventional wheels of commerce turn. If you are reading this then you will already know that this is not always

Recovering Business Debts during Coronavirus

Recovering Business Debt during Coronavirus New Emergency Business measures have been revealed that will restrict recovering business debts during the Coronavirus pandemic. Yesterday, details of the expedited measures to ‘protect’ companies were reported in a shock move by the Departmen

Using a International Debt Collection service

When a International Customer fails to pay what they owe, this presents a challenge. It is far more difficult to act when your Business customer is not in the United Kingdom. So using a international debt collection service can be a mandatory step to getting paid.

Small Business Debt Recovery

Small Business Debt Recovery A specialised Small Business Debt Recovery service can help massively. They will take the sting out of the situation for you and minimise its impact. As a representative of your Business, they can swiftly act. They will be well versed in all scenarios and know what to do

23% Increase in Unpaid Business invoices

23% Increase in Unpaid Business invoices Unpaid Business Invoices are on the increase according to new data from finance experts. There has been a sharp rise of 23% according to AI platform provider Sidetrade since the lockdown began. This follows an analysis of 26 million B2B invoices. The payment