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How to recover a Debt from an individual UK

How to recover a Debt from an individual UK Federal Management

How to recover a Debt from an Individual UK

How to recover a debt from an individual in the UK is an increasingly asked question. If you are owed money by an individual it can be a frustrating situation.

A debt owed from an individual by be for goods, services or simply a loan to a friend or family member. In current times, it is easier than ever to pay a debt you owe but some choose not to for whatever reason.

How to recover a debt from an individual UK is a question many people and business owners ask themselves daily. With unpaid debts on the rise due to the unstable economy, hopefully this article may help. Having an individual owe you money for an unpaid debt can be stressful but there are options.

There are many situations where somebody might need to recover a debt from an individual in the UK.

  • A personal loan given to a friend or family member that they have not paid back
  • Self employed tradesmen that has not been paid for work they have done
  • Unpaid rent arrears on a private rental property
  • Non-payment fees for services provided by a dentist or vets.
  • Private medical fees not paid to a consultant

This is only a snippet into the various ways an individual can strike up an unpaid debt. It was reported sometime ago that over 63% of adults in the UK have been owed money from an individual.

It is listed as one of the most stressful things you can encounter. Somebody has provided a loan, goods or services in good faith then it has not been paid back. It leaves people feeling undervalued, stressed and frustrated.

It is a common occurrence across the UK so our expert Personal Debt Collection team have compiled some tips to help people recover a debt from an individual.

How to recover a debt from an individual UK – Top tips

Keep your emotions in check

Whatever the situation, it is in your own interests to stay calm. Anger, sadness or frustration will not help you recover a debt from an individual. You need to be methodical in your approach and not give them any reasons not to pay.

Any communication with the individual should be done in a courteous, calm manner. Refrain from any unnecessary threats or bad language. Acting in a concise and focused manner will let them know you are serious about getting your money back.

Contact them regularly to chase for payment

Whilst somebody may feel very aggrieved about the situation, rather than sulking, it is important they maintain constant communication. The absence of contact will only serve to add distance between both parties.

Types of contact communication could include phone calls, text messages, emails and social media messaging. Even letters can be a useful way of delivering a message to request payment from an individual.

It is also advisable to keep a record of all communications made and attempted. This could come in useful down the line if monies are not repaid.

Send a Letter before action

A creditor sending a letter before action via recorded delivery can be a stern indicator. It can let an individual know that they the matter will not be dropped and the possible ramifications of no payment.

It can advise of what is going to happen if payment is not made. It is also worth nothing that the offer of a repayment plan may also help to find a resolution. The Letter before action should advise that if full payment (or a repayment plan offering) is not made within i.e. 7 days then the matter will be escalated. This could mean the matter is passed to a professional debt collection agency or court proceedings are commended.

If there is no response to the letter before action then action needs to be taken or there will likely be no payment at all.


How to recover a debt from an individual UK – Get Expert advice

Our Personal debt Collection specialists have helped recover millions of pounds from individuals over the years. From our VIP debt collection services to debts owing for personal loans, we can advise on possible solutions.

Contact us today for a free appraisal of your situation and if we can help. If you are wondering, how to recover a debt from an individual uk then it really can pay to speak to the Professionals.


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