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Debt Collection Peterborough

Debt Collection Peterborough Federal Management

Since the beginning of Federal Management’s long history, it has become clear that there is a large need for debt collection requirements in, and around, Peterborough.

As part of our UK-wide service, we’ve taken steps to focus our efforts on ensuring we provide a dedicated debt collection solution to those in Peterborough and surrounding areas such as Cambridge and Leicestershire.

By doing so, we have created long-standing relationships with clients based there, and continue to collect debts with them and new businesses every day.

As time has passed, it’s become more common for those in the area to choose Professional Debt Collectors to recover monies owed.

We are dedicated to providing a collection service that’s unrivalled in terms of results and cost-effectiveness.


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Debt Collection Agency Peterborough

At Federal Management, we are an award-winning Debt Collection Agency and have had extensive experience working with both businesses and private individuals across the globe since 2004.

Our expertise has been provided to a wide variety of sectors including sports-based organisations, government agencies, wholesalers and many more.

There are three core services that we deliver within Peterborough, as well as the rest of the UK, which are Commercial, Personal and International Debt Collection.

Commercial Debt Collection Peterborough

Our Commercial Debt Collection service caters for all requirements and has proved to be very successful throughout the years as the need for recovering money has increased.

Our specialist team of expert commercial debt collectors have hundreds of years of combined experience ensuring the maximisation of a successful recovery.

The process of recovery is tailored to the debtor in question. As part of our standard process,  credit check and vet all of those who owe money prior to action. This method is used to ensure we establish the most appropriate and positive form of action to take. This ensures maximum results.

Whether you are a large or small business in Peterborough, we have got your back. The millions of pounds that are owed to smaller businesses every year are recovered by our specialist teams, and we ensure a low-cost service so as not to affect those with a smaller cashflow.

There are four main points that set us aside from other Commercial Debt Collection Agencies in Peterborough:

  • UK’s Lowest Commission Rates From 6%
  • Up To 90% Recovery Rate On Undisputed Debts
  • Low Fixed Cost Debt Recovery Service
  • No Collection Means No Collection Costs To Pay

Our “No collection means no collection costs to pay” promise ensures that you only pay for the service if the debt has successfully been recovered.

This is why we are dedicated to ensuring we only charge what is right for the service which we provide, unlike other companies who will charge you every step of the way.

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Personal Debt Collection Peterborough

If you are owed money by a private individual, we have a team of professionals who can help!

We are a trusted debt collection agency who are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and have a demonstrated history of collecting high-value debts from prominent individuals. The private debt collection service we provide around the Peterborough area has included work with those in sectors including Football Clubs, Architects, Private Education and many more.

There are key benefits to using Federal Management for your personal debt collections requirements including:

  • Our strategic methods of securing a debt are professional, pragmatic and persistent.
  • We do not operate call centres where the emphasis is on quantity, not quality.
  • We only charge for the success of debt recovery and you will not be charged otherwise.
  • Each case is dealt with on its own merit to ensure the best results are achieved.

As a specialist Personal Debt Collection Agency in Peterborough, we are the best choice for collections in the most professional and expedient manner.

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We are the Professionals that are used by the Professionals.

Debt Collection Peterborough Federal Management

International Debt Collection Peterborough

Recovering debt can be an extremely stressful situation at the best of times, so having to retrieve monies owed from across the globe can make a large problem even larger. Thankfully for you and your business, our expert team at Federal Management are here to help.

There are a large number of firms within the Peterborough region that have acquired International Debt Collection services from us throughout the years, and as such, we are a trusted supplier of this solution.

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Debt Collection Peterborough | Get Expert Help From Debt Collectors Now

Our friendly team of Debt Collection Experts is happy to help you today,


We can recover debts from almost anywhere in the world using our strategic support mechanisms, providing a low cost and fully inclusive service.

Collecting debts from overseas presents a series of challenges including time differences, language barriers and different laws and regulations.

Our worldwide network of international debt collection agents have a local working knowledge of the relevant jurisdictions and have all been vetted to ensure ethics are consistent to our own. Regardless of where your debt is based across the globe, you will always receive the same award-winning service from us. Did You Know: Statute Of Limitation Within The UK

Are you aware of the term “Statute Barred”? This is the phrase that is referred to when a debt is no longer able to be recovered.

This can happen due to a lack of communication to/from the debtor in a lengthy period of time. Within the UK this period is 6 years – however, there are special exemptions that can be discussed with our team. It is vital that you get in contact with our experts if your debts lifetime is about to expire.

The UK’s No1 Leading Debt Collection Agency

For Commercial, Private and International Debt Collection in Peterborough, Federal Management is the number one solution.

We deliver a fully comprehensive service focused only on obtaining results and going that extra mile to ensure all of our clients are paid the monies they’re owed.

Our team of trusted experts, mixed with our award-winning FCA regulated service, provides you and your business with a hassle-free approach to debt recovery.

If you or your company are based in Peterborough, or the surrounding areas such as Cambridge and Leicestershire, do not hesitate to get in contact with us as it pays to speak to the Professionals.

For free advice and guidance on the monies that are owed to you, call our team now on 0333 043 4425 or email

Debt Collection Peterborough | Get Expert Help From Debt Collectors Now

Our friendly team of Debt Collection Experts is happy to help you today,