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International Debt Collection with Federal Management

As well as being the No1 Professional choice for Business Debt Collection, our International Debt Collection services are also used by many. We can also recover debt from almost anywhere in the world using our network of trusted partners.

Our Network of dedicated International Debt Collection Professionals ensures we have the capability to collect monies almost anywhere in the world upon request. Where necessary, we can also enforce Legal Action on your behalf to ensure all is done to get your money back as quickly as possible using the appropriate and most effective means of collecting outstanding bad debt.

We have acted on behalf of thousands of UK companies, overseeing the collection of Millions of pounds of Overseas Debt. We ensure a professional, proactive and direct approach is undertaken by our overseas associates. All our partners have offices in their respective countries and are experts in the field of International Debt Collection. A local knowledge and in-depth Debt Collection experience ensures we maximise the potential of recovering your money.
The large majority of countries are covered by our revered Overseas Debt Collection service.

We can recover debts from right across the world. From Austria to Australia, our International B2B Debt Collection Agents are there to support you.

Collecting Internal Debt is not a straightforward exercise and there are many local and jurisdiction factors to consider.
We have hundreds of years of combined knowledge in this field. We strive to provide a High Level and Low Cost International Debt Recovery service.

How does International Debt Collection work?

Our Award Winning service offers a Multi Channel facility to recover International Business Debts.  We shield our clients from the exorbitant costs normally associated with Overseas Debt Collection by providing a Low Fixed Fee service.

From outset, we provide a transparent assessment of the the case in question. If the debt is not able to be collected based upon our initial pre-action investigations, then we will advise why.

We do not waste time by creating false hope. We are not fee earners and absorb the brunt of the costs when it comes to International Debt Recovery. Our objective is to collect Overseas Debt and to exceed client expectations.

A sound working knowledge of Local jurisdictions serves our efforts well. We have hundreds of International Debt Recovery Agents across the world and each has been vetted. This is to ensure their ethics are consistent with our own.

All Overseas Debt Collection activities are conducted lawfully and ethically. Our aim to recover your money as expediently as possible.

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High Recovery rates
Low fixed Cost solution
Global Network of Agents
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Cross jurisdiction expertise

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