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Corporate Debt Recovery

As an accredited and award winning Debt Collection Organisation, we have developed and defined a series of innovative Debt Collection solutions that are unrivalled in terms of cost and service.

Our practices are specifically bespoke to the clients industry & needs. Unlike, the majority, we do not operate ineffective call centres or use dialler telephone systems. The emphasis is very much on quality, not quantity as the results we obtain demonstrate.

Each and every case is dealt with by an experienced Collections Officer and actioned on its own merit which maximises the amount of debt which is far greater than that of the ‘call centre’ type companies that operate with their conveyor belt procedures.

How do we know this? – Our Director’s spent many years in the Corporate Debt Collection Industry prior to the launch of Federal Management in 2004. The companies they worked for where contracted by large PLC’s within the Utilities Industries, Mobile Phone service Providers, Banks and other associated financial organisations.

It was very clear that the ‘numbers game’ was being played which was extremely detrimental to the contracting party who would receive a far smaller percentage of their money back as a direct result. From the Debt Collection Agency’s perspective it was a job well done, as they had kept costs down with their sausage factory practices and made a profit.

This low level of service came to be a norm and still exists to this day. The focus has shifted from the ability to produce excellent service and results to please the client and it is more about pleasing the company’s own shareholders.

Federal Management are a ethical privately owned company where the emphasis is placed upon providing best service at all times. Our service is fully comprehensive and direct. We do not operate fee earning practices or conveyor belt procedures.

Our commitment to excellence is clearly demonstrated by our ISO:9001 accreditation, Investors in People Award and a 100% pass rate in the Credit Services Association’s ‘Collectors Accreditation Initiative’.

Our purpose is not to please ‘shareholders’, as a proud and privately owned company, we retain Great British values and seek to excel our clients expectation through the application of endeavour, professionalism and passion.

If you are seeking a Corporate Debt Collection Agency that truly maximises the results for your company then there really is only one solution, Federal Management.

Take the first step to increasing your company profits and speak to one of our expert advisers today.