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FCA Regulated Debt Collection Agency ✔️

FCA Regulated Debt Collection Agency ✔️ Federal Management

FCA Regulated Debt Collection

Federal Management are one of a small number of FCA Regulated Debt Collection companies that are fully and appropriately authorised to recover FCA regulated debt. In the UK’s current climate, it is essential to work with trusted companies that deliver professional business solutions.

This means our procedures and practices have been fully approved by the Financial Conduct Authority in the United Kingdom and also we abide by the terms on which our licence has been granted. The majority of Debt Collector firms are either not licensed or carry a interim/minor permission to perform basic debt collection roles with restrictions. Such restrictions may include not being allowed to hold clients money and such like.

For full approval to be given, a Debt Collection Agency is subject to intense scrutiny both in terms of its ethics and integrity. Even the company’s Directors are judged on their fitness for purpose and the company’s debt collection strategies are scrutinised to ensure they are fully compliant.

FCA Regulated Debt Collection Agency in the UK

At Federal Management, we pride ourselves on being 100% ethical in terms of our conduct. This also applies to our modus operandi. We operate a transparent pricing structure and do not have hidden fees or conduct drip pricing. Nor do we have any ties to ‘debt management’ companies or personal insolvency firms.

It is very important to clearly state that using a non FCA approved debt collection agency to recover FCA regulated debt is illegal. This can land companies in serious trouble if they do not adhere to the guidelines and framework in place for such.

The FCA takes its approach to the Debt Collection Industry very seriously. We welcome its efforts to improve it to eradicate bad practice whilst improving the standards for both clients and the general public.

As well as receiving full approval from the Financial Conduct Authority, Federal Management are also ISO:9001 accredited.  We also have previously received awards from Investors in People for staff development and training. That is is additional to accreditations from the Credit Services Association and Financial Services College.

Debt Collection Agency regulated by the FCA

Last year we became the first and the only Debt Collection Agency and only FCA Debt Collection Agency to be accredited by the Financial Services National College. Past and current accreditations also include Investors in

Everybody knows a quality company stands behind a quality service. If you are looking for a Premier solution for your FCA regulated Debt Collection Agency requirements, then Federal Management are the answer. Our service is fully compliant, ethical and we adopt best practice at all times.

For a free appraisal of your FCA regulated debt collection requirements, speak to one of our expert advisers today. Either by the chat option, or enquiry form or by calling us free on 0333 043 4420

FCA Regulated Debt Collection Agency ✔️ Federal Management

What does being a FCA regulated debt collection agency mean?

FCA regulation and authorisation means that the user can have confidence in the company in question. The FCA authorisation ensures the company provides a legitimate service and can be held accountable.

What does being FCA regulated mean?

The FCA monitors businesses that provide financial services in all guises in the UK. The FCA’s three main roles are to protect consumers, increase market integrity and oversee healthy competition.

What type of companies does the FCA regulate?

The FCA has responsibility for regulating the activities and conduct of financial services companies and markets. Financial services are best described as the economic services provided by the UK’s finance industry.

This encompasses various forms of businesses that manage monetary affairs. Great examples of this are obviously Debt Collection Agencies, banks, finance companies.

Why is it important to use a FCA regulated Debt Collection Agency?

It is extremely important and in fact it is the law to use FCA regulated Debt Collectors if your company is FCA regulated also. Even if your business is not FCA regulated, working with a FCA regulated Debt Collection Company provides peace of mind.

You will have mindfulness that all activities relating to the recovery of your debts is being conducted in a professional manner. All clients monies are also ring fenced for added security. Whether it is Debt Collection in London or Debt Collection in Scotland, they need to be FCA authorised.

Is there a list of all FCA regulated companies?

Yes there is register of approved FCA regulated companies in the UK. There are over 51,000 companies that hold FCA authorisation ranging across all financial services sectors. These include all banks, credit card companies etc Only a small handful of those are authorised debt collection agencies.

It really does pay to be sure when using a Debt Collection Agency to represent you or your brand/business.