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Texan Debt Collection Agency Turning Unpaid into Paid

A debt collection agency in Texas, USA is finding business booming as it turns unpaid bills into paid bills.

Executives from commercial debt collection companies based in Plan, Texas believe the recession has created business, but the approach to collect has changed.

Burt & Associates CEO Jerry Curtis said he doesn’t like the recession but the fact remains: it’s good for business.

“I’ve been through several economic downturns, but this is unbelievable. We’re seeing companies that have never had trouble collecting money before coming to us asking for help,” Curtis said. “The fact is, companies that owe money aren’t getting paid by the companies that owe them. It’s the worst cash crunch the collection industry has ever seen.”

Curtis said companies that he considers solid are experiencing more problems with their customers. It’s a domino effect.

According to the latest numbers from the Commercial Collection Agency Association, a record $14.3 billion in business accounts nationwide were placed in collection in 2008, a 23.2 percent increase from $11.6 billion in 2007.

With all the new business, Curtis decided it was a good time to overhaul his website and begin offering free quotes. The new design features a more professional appearance, a free downloadable report covering the top mistakes made by businesses in the debt recovery process, and easier access to get a quote for services.

“I really think this new look will help our prospects find what they’re looking for faster,” says Curtis. “They all have primary concerns about using an agency to help them collect money, and our new Web site really talks to those concerns and gives them the answers they need,” Curtis continued.

According to the Commercial Collection Agency Association, which Burt & Associates is a member of, business bankruptcy filings are up 41.6 % compared to June 2007. This means that business accounts will be harder & harder to collect on, as more businesses struggle in this economical climate.

For that reason, a report such as the one offered on the Burt & Associates Web site might be helpful in directing a business manager on how to modify the collection practices to be more effective.

“Overall, the biggest change we’ve made on the Web site is making it easier for our prospects to get a quote. When a business needs to turn an account over, it should be as simple & effortless as possible… the last thing they need is more hassle or red tape,” Curtis said.