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Connecticut Looking For Debt Collection Agency

Connecticut city plans to hire a debt collector to recoup taxes that are more than three years delinquent.

The city issued a request for proposals for debt collector services Wednesday and will open bids next month.

Supervisor of Assessments and Collections Michael Mordarski said the contract will not cost the city anything, since the debt recovery company makes its profit by charging delinquent taxpayers up to 15 percent of their back taxes.

To avoid getting charged the debt collection fee, property owners with back taxes more than three years old should settle their accounts with the tax office now, Mordarski said.

Mordarski said the debt collector would be able to track down delinquent taxpayers that the city cannot get a hold of. There is about $4 million worth back taxes owed to the city up to 2007.

A group of city employees will consider the various proposals. The selected company is expected to begin debt collection in January.