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Scottish DCA Suffers Anthrax Scare

A debt collection agency in Kilmarnock, Scotland had it’s offices quarantined for anthrax when an employee suffered a nosebleed after opening a suspicious letter containing white powder.

For over six hours, over 50 office staff were kept sealed off inside of the building while health workers checked for the deadly substance, before eventually being let out at approximately 7pm after learning it had been a false alarm with the white powder believed to have been sugar.

One employee had said that he had heard that another member of staff had opened an envelope and a white powder had fell out, and shortly after had rubbed her nose and it started to bleed.

After being taken to Crosshouse Hospital, the female worker, and the colleague who had driven her, were placed into quarantine after describing what had happened, sparking off the operation at their business premises. Police rushed to the premises and closed it down while chemical experts and fire service scientific officers searched the site for evidence of anthrax.

Anthrax attacks are extremely rare, but can have devastating consequences if not picked up on early enough, often leading to death after initially developing flu-like symptoms which lead to respiratory collapse.