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New Debt Collection Solution Provided By Apollo

An exciting new debt collection software package has been launched by Apollo Enterprise Solutions, Inc.

One of the market leaders in providing web-based payment solutions to debt collection and debt recovery agencies, Apollo Enterprise Solutions, Inc. have recently announced that they have consolidated their various web based solutions into one complete package named TrueCollect.

TrueCollection integrates a wide range of features and services that are all compliant with US Federal and State Laws which govern web based collection services, and also provides a far superior level of security and protection against cyber threats that face the debt recovery industry. The software itself is aimed at larger financial companies, such as larger banks, the bigger debt buyers and so on.

“For quite some time we have been thinking of ways to make it clearer to our audiences what our main differential advantage is in the marketplace. TrueCollect captures the essence of our secure web collection products because we are the only company offering true real-time web collections,” said Joseph Konowiecki, CEO of Apollo. “We have found that using up-to-the-minute real-time credit scores and applying other such real-time processes is the only way to maximize recoveries for our clients.”

About Apollo

Apollo is the leading provider of enterprise-class, web-based solutions to major creditors for debtor self-payment and self-settlement. TrueCollect allows creditors to recover delinquent debts faster and more efficiently than any other solution on the market. Apollo`s TrueCollect technology is protected by 13 U.S. and International Patents Pending, and several more patents are being applied for in the U.S. and other countries.