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IRIS Launches New Debt Recovery Software

IRIS (, the accounting and legal software specialist and the UKs largest private and fastest growing software business, today announced the launch of an enhanced IRIS ClaimIT, a debt recovery solution designed to help in-house credit controllers manage the legal process of debt recovery.

IRIS ClaimIT already successfully manages the debt recovery processes of a number of in-house debt recovery teams and the debt recovery businesses of dozens of legal practices. Users report more efficient use of resources, improved risk management and more effective debt recovery as a result of increased case visibility and capacity.

The IRIS ClaimIT system allows debt recovery teams to become more efficient and handle larger volumes of work. It also helps credit controllers to manage much more of the debt recovery process, through managed workflows, than they would have previously done. It reduces the need to engage with debt recovery agents until much later into the recovery cycle, therefore ensuring a faster debt recovery process and an increase in cash-flow for the company.

ClaimIT also has an innovative two-part pricing structure that allows users to select the most cost-effective way for them to specify and license it. Users new to debt recovery or who expect to handle relatively low numbers of cases can pick a per case pricing structure. As their volume of cases grows they can switch to an unlimited-case license if that suits them better.

The flexible workflow configuration means that credit control managers and financial controllers have better visibility over the process and individual cases, and so can make better informed decisions about escalations. It also means they can become more effective in their decisions about which tasks can be performed in-house, and which should be handled by solicitors or other outside agencies.

Martin Leuw, CEO of IRIS, said; IRIS ClaimIT has been in successful use for some while. The latest enhancements to the product and pricing will broaden ClaimITs appeal by making it easier to use and purchase. It is already established in the public sector for in-house debt collection, and we believe that the trend towards retaining greater in-house control over debt recovery will accelerate.

The new version of IRIS ClaimIT is available today and is expected to appeal strongly to a wide range new customers and the 60,000 businesses of all sizes currently using IRIS software.