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Changing Times for US Debt Collection

For any debt, there is a right thing to do. The right thing for a debtor to do, is to make good on their contract or promise and pay off their debt, and, from the debt collection aspect, that the collector’s deal with the debtors in a calm and professional manner.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) gas recently released a report showing how, and aiming to, debt recovery agencies in the US can ensure that they are handling their in-house methods correctly and professionally.

The first recommendation that the FTC suggested to Congress was an improvement in the methods of information that debt collectors ue to trace debtors. As a by product of this change, the FTC wants this update to coincide with the way collection agents contact debtors.

Of course, debt collectors have a right to collect a debt. Unfortunately, some companies buy and sell debts to other companies and sometimes information can be lost or misinterpreted.

Each debtor has a right ro pay what they owe. If the amount is disputed, then putting that dispute in writing stating the amount that they believe is owed, and why, together with any documenting evidence to prove this is the correct procedure. Simply ignoring the matter is not the way to handle things, as is making a promise that a debtor cannot resonably expect to keep. Monthly payments of XXXXX amount more than their monthly salary for instance.

All in all, it is a two way process with give and take required from both side, but by keeping the lines of communication civil and open, then a resolution will often be much more straight forward.