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Exclusive look: UK’s No1 Debt Collection Agency

Federal Management is the UK’s Number 1 debt collection agency that specialise in Private & Commercial claims. When it comes to collection we pride ourselves on being professional, proactive and pragmatic. Our collection agents are extremely competent in maintaining the highest standards of ethics and are 100% committed to achieving outstanding results for our clients. Every employee at Federal Management delivers high levels of satisfaction for our clients and they are, undoubtedly, the secret to our exceptionally high success rates.

What we offer our clients:

Our debt collection negotiators are not only talented but also have the capability to collect your overdue accounts both nationwide and internationally. Federal Management’s collection record is regarded to be one of the best in the industry with results on recovery rates as high as 90% for all undisputed debts.

Our low cost services guarantee to minimise cost yet maximise results with the UK’s lowest commission rates starting at around 6%.
Our comprehensive collection management software programme allows us to manage collection from debtors by utilising the latest technologies and it also allows our clients online account management for multiple accounts.
We are members of the CSA, ACA and FENCA and are ISO9001 accredited. We are the professionals used by the professionals.

What you need to know beforehand:

Debt Collection is also termed as Debt Recovery. Professional debt collectors work hard to recover the outstanding balances for their clients. Similar to most other debt collection agencies, we work on a commission basis and our commission rates at Federal Management are among the lowest in the UK.
We will assist you to reclaim owed money by following intense and steadfast procedures . No matter what the size the debt is, we ensure a speedy and cost effective debt recovery solution. Our whole process is governed by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Tracking down Debtors:

Federal Management have teamed up with Tracesure and are proud to offer an exclusive Track & Trace service available for tracing absconded or missing persons.

Tracesure provide a unique ‘no trace – no fee’ service that is used by thousands of entities across the UK, EU and even further afield to search for and locate individuals not wishing to be found or that have simply relocated without informing the relevant parties or even family members. Tracesure can track down the most elusive of people using their specialist resources and network of field contacts. Tracesure clients include Solicitors, Debt Collection Agencies, Government Authorities, Letting Agents and even Individuals!

So, Get in Touch!

We can cater for all Business to Business Debt requirements and are mindful of existing trading relationships. Our practices are tailored to the debtor in question and all Debtors are credit checked and vetted prior to action to establish the most appropriate and correct form of action to take.

We operate a no hidden fees policy that includes all actions ie. All Pre Action due diligence, Letters, faxes, emails, telephone calls, accountancy fees, credit checks, investigations, Insolvency demands, Debt Collection Officer visits, pre-sue report (if necessary).

Here is an example of just some of the types of Companies and organisations we cater for:

o Financial Services Companies.
o Telecoms Firms.
o Manufacturing and Distribution.
o Sporting Organisations.
o Recruitment Agencies.
o Trade Associations.
o Government Agencies.
o Insurance Firms.
o Law Firms.
o PPI Claims Companies.
o Wholesalers.
o Media & Marketing Companies.
o Advertisting Organisations.

For further information regarding our services simply call us now on 0333 043 4420.

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