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Tracking down a sole trader or Business owner

Tracking down a sole trader or Business owner Federal Management

Tracing a Business owner in the UK can be very difficult. There are an estimated five million plus Businesses operating in the United Kingdom today. Sole Traders and Non-limited companies make up a large number of that figure.

Sole Traders will typically operate from home or quite often trade out of Units, Shops and all other assortment of commercial premises but if their trade hits a rough patch what then? Small Business owners can include cafe owners. takeaway bosses and tradesmen operating from a Unit.

All too common is for us to receive an enquiry from a Company that has supplied goods to a sole trader. But if they have ceased trading, they have no idea where their home address is. As you may or may not be aware, if a sole trader or non limited company ceases trading, they are still personally liable for the debt.

This applies to all sectors whether from builders to restaurants. Companies will often often write off debts simply because the sole trader has moved units or locations and they do not know where they have relocated to. This is commercial suicide and does not make business sense at all.

Tracing a Sole trader

We have helped thousands of companies track down sole traders whose trading operations have hit hard times. Whilst we absolutely understand that all forms of trade can be difficult at times, it does not mean that they have their legal obligation to pay what they owe removed.

We can track down sole traders addresses across England, Scotland and Wales and do so on a daily basis. So if you are a contractor that has not been paid or simply a company that has not had its invoices discharged, speak to our expert New Business team today for immediate advice and assistance.

Waving goodbye to the money that is owed to you should never be an option. We provide free tracing for our clients and can track down sole traders who have seemingly gone of the radar within hours. We can trace a Business owner within minutes sometimes using our innovative and cutting edge technology.

Tracing a Business owner

As well as tracking down Business owners in the United Kingdom, we also have an international network of tracing agents that can assist us in most countries. Over the past 15 years we have traced from from Australia to Zimbabwe using our trusted investigators. This is on a No Find – No Fee basis.

We have exclusive, pioneering and high tech tracing facilities that we cross reference to ensure we get immediate and accurate results on the whereabouts of absconded sole traders who have outstanding business debts. It could also be that a Limited COmpany has a collapse but you have a personal Directors guarantee.

Where a sole trader or business owner has hit hard times, we also provide a complementary solvency check, where we will ensure they are not bankrupt completely free of charge. As well as tracing business owners, we can also help with the recover of your debt as part of the package.

Our services are not just limited to business owners. We can also track down private individuals also, anywhere in the UK or overseas on a no find – no fee basis.

Whatever the scenario, Federal Management can help with your problem quickly and ethically. Get free advice in confidence today on your problem and let the experts help.

Limited Company owner check

If you are looking to trace the Director of a Limited Company, you may be able to obtain further details about them via Companies House.