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Haulage Debt Collection in the UK

debt collection for the haulage industry

Haulage Debt Collection information

The haulage and logistics industry is a leviathan of the British Economy and helps form the backbone of business in the United Kingdom. Tied, as it is, so closely with the general state of the economy, the fortunes of companies in the sector are relatively volatile when compared with other industries.

This can mean that margins can experience ‘squeezes’ from time to time, leading to financial difficulties. All of which can have a knock on effect, resulting in invoices going unpaid. One of the Top issues facing the Haulage industry is the problem of non payment of invoices.


If you run a haulage or courier company, then you are likely to have multiple logistics staff, drivers and office employees who all rely on your company being paid for their own wages. Doing nothing simply is not an option.


You could pursue the debt through the courts. Only thing is, that it’s often a fruitless chase that will drain time and money out of your business. You could end up with a success via the litigation route, but it tends to be hard-earned.

There is also the issue of costly legal fees. The average Commercial solicitor will charge between £200-£500 per hour regardless of the outcome then there is also the disbursements and court fees to consider.

Best Alternative

Debt collection Agencies come in all shapes and sizes and there are firms that specialise in industries like haulage debt recovery. With knowledge of the inner workings of the industry, they know the particular laws and that govern it and how to work within them to result in a successful outcome.

They will also usually work on a ‘No Collection – No Costs’ basis, which largely eliminates any risk involved in the process and makes it an extremely cost effective method.

Choosing a specialised Haulage Debt Collection service can be an extremely valuable resource.


The work the Haulage Debt Collection specialists do on your behalf is always ethical, professional and above all; have the most amicable and successful of outcomes for all parties at the forefront of their minds.

Find a reputable and accredited haulage debt collection agency to help you chase non paying clients and you take much of the stress out of the situation and in doing so, show your debtors that you are serious about being paid.

Do not discount the idea until you’ve had a chat with a professional Business Debt collection specialist. It’s likely that after a few minutes you’ll see what’s meant by ‘professional’ and that it is a very viable and reasonable option.

Federal Management recover hundreds of haulage related debts every year and have unrivalled experience of this sector. Get the edge for your haulage company and get a free assessment of your debts today.

Think smart and you will soon be on the road to a more profitable operation. If your Distribution or Haulage Company has problems with unpaid invoices, they will only serve to have a detrimental effect on your profits. Working with with a Firm of Debt Collection Professionals will ensure your unpaid haulage invoices get paid fast!