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Debt Collection Streamlined

If you have ever wondered how a debt collection company has been able to track you down, or the company that you have dealt with have been expertly efficient, it may have been in no small part thanks to a small Canadian software company.

Comtech Systems, based in Victoria, have been working on debt collection software solutions for over 21 years, helping to arm the industry with the tools it needs to collect those debts. Founded by Fritz Schulze in 1988, Comtech has developed the “Collect!” software package which improves the efficiency of both collectors and operations.

Collect! is built with the receivables business in mind. Because Collect! is easy to learn and use, companies can focus on collecting instead of worrying about getting organized. Collect! chosen by more than 1,200 companies in 35 countries, helping receivables management professionals organize their operations, enhance staff performance and improve profitability.

Over the years, the effectiveness of a letter or a phone call may have declined slightly, but utilising newer technologies, such as SMS (short messaging service), a facility which currently has an estimated 90% read rate, debt collection agencies have been able to continue to help consumers and businesses alike in the recovery of their debts. Comtech Systems continue to provide facilities such as these and more in there continued attempts to help steamline the debt collection industry.