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Debt Collection Agency in England

Debt Collection Agency in England

If you or your business are looking to recover owed money from a company or individual in England, there is an array of Professional Debt Collection Agency options available.

When researching a debt collection agency you should be looking for the most cost effective option that will get results. Obviously the cost is a factor but what should be more important is whether the debt will actually be recovered.

A full pre-action assessment needs to be carried out to ensure the debtor is no insolvent and whether there is a reasonable prospect of the monies actually being paid. Many companies will simply take instructions without checking out the debtor. That can be an absolute waste of time and money for all concerned but especially if it is you that is owed the money as you can incur unnecessary expense in addition to an unpaid debt.

The Professionals

Federal Management is licensed by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and is a member of the Credit Services Association (CSA). We as a company work in a professional, ethical & expedient manner, and will always give an honest appraisal regardless of the amount or situation.

It is always important that you are aware of the current financial status of the company that you propose to recover payment from. At Federal we provide a FREE case analysis prior to accepting instruction which means that less than 1% of the cases we take result in English court action.

Free Pre-Action Assessment

Once we receive an enquiry, we will establish if debtors ability to pay. If there is no reasonable prospect of a full recovery then it is unlikely we would take the case on, but you get a full free pre-assessment of the situation. We act for companies outside the English jurisdiction from all over the globe.

Our new Scotland Debt Collection office gives clear testimony to this. Already we have encountered numerous instances where Scottish companies that are owed money by English companies have been informed to take actions down the legal route (either in the Scottish Sheriff Court or English County Court) that serves only to benefit the ‘Debt Recovery’ firm in question.

If you or your company are looking to recover a debt from an English company or Welsh, then Federal Management is for you! The combination of our hard work ethic, professionalism and integrity makes us first choice for Businesses seeking Debt Collection in England and the United Kingdom.

Contact the Experts

Speak to our friendly advisers today and get a FREE appraisal of your debt. If we cannot assist then we will give you the reasons exactly why that is i.e. the debtor company is heavily insolvent.

If you or your company are trying to recover a debt in England and/or Wales, get free advice and assistance now by calling our New Business team FREE on 0800 043 6922 If you are calling from outside the UK, please call +44 1695 554550.