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Debt Collection Agency for Architects and Surveyors

Architects debt collection service

Debt Collection service for Architects and Surveyors

As with most Professions within the Construction and Property Development sector, there are many times that Architects and Surveyors will face the problem of not being paid or the work they have done.

There is a whole plethora of reasons why somebody not choose not to pay a Architect for their services but usually it is simply a matter of just not wanting to pay. However, there are instances were a valid dispute may have arisen.

Chasing unpaid invoices can be a timely and frustrating exercise and will quite often impact on more pending and pressing workload. Working with a Professional Debt Collection Agency will help minimise such and help Architects focus on what really matters.


When a dispute involving a project (that includes many different tradesmen gets held up), those who have little to do with the disagreement can end up not being paid. Architects, surveyors and structural engineers fall very much into this category and they deserve to paid for services rendered.

Architects and surveyors are often way down the list of getting paid but this need not the situation. Whether it is unpaid survey fees or ignored invoices for structural plans, a pro active approach can ensure you get paid, on time and every time.


If the aforementioned has struck a chord with you, then you may currently be in this position and have serious concerns about your livelihood due to non paying clients.

“There’s nothing I can apart from take them to court, is there?”

There is an ethical, cost effective and stress-less method of resolving debts owed for architectural and surveying services provided and it comes in the form of a reputable and professional debt collection agency.

Less Bridges Burnt

Instructing a collections agency to pursue your owed money shows to your debtor that you are serious about being paid, but it is done in a way that won’t necessarily burn bridges or ruin trade partnerships you may rely upon for business.

You can choose to employ a debt collection firm with a particular expertise in your industry, which means they will have intimate knowledge of how your business field works and how best to proceed to achieve the best possible outcome for you.

 An Extension of your Business

When seeking to work with a Debt Collection Agency you will want to consider all factors as they are extension of your brand. There are also the results and cost factor to consider.

Whether it is unpaid survey fees or building plans not pad for, we have the experience to deal with the matter swiftly and effectively.

The debt collection industry has gone through a big image change over the last decade and the stigma attached to this kind of company in the past, is no longer accurate. A modern debt collection agency will operate in a firm but fair manner and as they represent you and your company, they would never do anything to bring you any disrepute.

Choose the right debt collection agency and you could kiss goodbye to those sleepless nights associated with cash flow problems. It’s far more time and cost effective than the litigation route and is quite often successful, which cannot said for certain in the courts.

A Debt Collection service that is professional and ethical will not harm your brand. Indeed, no surveyor or architect has ever lost a customer simply because they requested payment for a job done in good faith. When in possession of specialised knowledge, A specialist Debt Collection Agency for surveyors will deliver premier results.

Regardless of whether it is Unpaid Survey fees, Unpaid Architects fees or unpaid planning Fees – We have the solution to ensure your Business gets paid in a swift and cost effective fashion.

Federal Management understands this and that is why we work with many architectural companies and Building Compliance specialists. Speak to one of our trusted New Business Team for a confidential discussion about your requirements.