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Commercial Dispute and Debt Collection

Commercial Dispute and Debt Collection Federal Management

Commercial Dispute and Debt Collection

Commercial disputes are part of everyday business life.

Issues can arise from unpaid invoices, clients disputing a product or service.

There are many more reasons besides this.

Regardless, finding a fair resolution should be the goal of all parties involved.

This can sometimes be more complicated than it first seems.

This is particularly true when dealing with people who may have ulterior motives.

For instance, many people use a dispute as a way of stalling a payment.

When this happens, it can become very frustrating for business owners.

This is especially true when they have to spend time and money moving through the credit control process.

Many unethical individuals will stall or ignore all efforts made by those trying to resolve the issue on purpose.

How you deal with this is your choice but as we all know…

making the right choice determines the eventual outcome.

Commercial disputes and debt collection is something that all businesses encounter.

We asked our debt collection experts what the best way of handling a dispute like this was.

Commercial Dispute and Debt Collection | Get Expert Help From Debt Collectors Now

If you need help with a Debt, our friendly team of Debt Collection Experts is happy to help you today,


Dealing With Commercial Disputes and Debt Collection

Disputes are always something that you need to handle with due care and diligence.

The priority for any business is to deal with the matter professionally and promptly.

The aim is also to avoid incurring large and unforeseen costs.

There are many ways in which you can resolve a dispute.

Business owners often seek out the services of a third party to do this.

For example, people sometimes choose to use a commercial solicitor…

…to help resolve commercial disputes and debt collection cases.

This is a valid path, but one that will incur a high cost both in money and time.

Some commercial solicitors are very expensive.

On average, businesses spend between £200 and £400 per hour for a solicitor’s services to mediate a dispute.

If the matter moves to court action, this cost will increase as well.

If this happens, the cost of litigation will be like writing a blank cheque!

We should point out that determined people not willing to pay will drag out a mediation.

You could waste hours of time and money could because someone does not want to pay what they owe you.

Many companies we have spoken to have found themselves spending more money on expensive solicitors…

…than what someone owed them in the first place!

Indeed, many debtors will use this as a tactic.

They will drag out a mediation process as much as possible, all whilst counting on you to give up.

If this happens you may lose even more money in paying their legal fees for the “trouble”.

If the case reaches a point where a judgment has been awarded…

…there is still no guarantee that the debtor will pay.

The best way in which to handle a case of commercial dispute and debt collection is to contact a professional debt collection agency.

Commercial Dispute and Debt Collection Federal Management

Resolving a Commercial Dispute and Debt Collection Case

Choosing a solicitor can be a very expensive option when resolving a commercial dispute and debt collection case.

A far more cost-effective and beneficial option would be to instruct a commercial debt collection agency.

A debt collection agency will be able to resolve any disputes for all parties.

Following this, they will be able to recover any outstanding debts resulting from a dispute.

If a client or debtor is disputing something, talk to us about how we may be able to help you.

Federal Management’s dedicated dispute resolution team are some of the most experienced in the industry.

Our cross-industry expertise is second to none.

We can provide advice on the options available to you to resolve matters.

This may be through mediation, arbitration, negotiation or litigation.

Whatever the appropriate course of action is, we will pursue it.

We will resolve your commercial dispute and debt collection cost-effectively and transparently.

We can help regardless of the nature of your dispute.

Common reasons for a case involving commercial dispute or debt collection include:

  • Quality of goods or services
  • Unpaid invoices
  • Unpaid works
  • Rent arrears

As well as resolving any disputes, we also provide the UK’s leading commercial debt collection solution.

Our award-winning debt recovery service is open to businesses of any size in any sector.

Some key benefits of our service are:

  • UK’s lowest commission rates, starting from 6%
  • An average 90% recovery rate on all undisputed business debt
  • Commercial legal team to deal with disputes and mediation
  • High Court enforcement officers to visit debtors
  • No collection means no cost to pay
  • The only UK debt collection agency to be regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)

Our clients have peace of mind that they receive the best service possible as a result of these benefits.

Since 2004, we have recovered millions of pounds worth of commercial debt.

If you are experience issues with a commercial dispute and debt collection, please contact us today.

Our debt recovery team handles all forms of debt collections.

They are happy to discuss your particular situation.

Irrespective of the size of the debt, we will provide a bespoke service for you.

We will always consider the debtor involved.

We couple this with the realistic likelihood of a successful recovery.

We also provide a completely free, no-obligation pre-action assessment of your debt.

This assessment reviews the viability of your debt and its chances of recovery.

With this knowledge, you will have a clear sign of what your options are on any commercial debt.

Commercial Dispute and Debt Collection | Get Expert Help From Debt Collectors Now

If you need help with a Debt, our friendly team of Debt Collection Experts is happy to help you today,