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Australian Police Left Red Faced

Australian Police have been left with egg on their face after enforcing an illegally erected road traffic sign. It was later discovered that the sign was erected by a local resident and motorists have been advised to contact the local state debt collection office for a refund.

The resident in question, living in the Beecroft area of Sydney’s north-west region, is thought to have erected the sign displaying “no left turn between 7.30am and 9.30am.” It was thought to have been done to stop commuters taking a short cut through a local school area during rush hour traffic.

It was only when motorists ignored the sign, however, and the parents of students in the school began to complain, who thought that it was a genuine sign, to local police who then began to enforce the sign.

The police force have since admitted that around 200 motorists have been fined $175 (about £100) over a three month period. The sign has now been taken down and all motorists fined have been told to contact the state debt recovery office for a refund.