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Debt Recovery Services for the Football Industry


debt collection for football lcubs

The growth of Football over the past couple of decades has been quite staggering when you compare it with most industries. According to reports from Deloitte last year, European Football is now worth well over £22Bn and growing. The English Premier league alone is worth circa £5bn so it was no surprise to us to see a requirement for Professional Debt Recovery services for the Football industry in the UK.

According to Deloitte’s Financial findings for 2016-2017, Football clubs in England and Wales generated a record £5.5Bn in revenue which was far higher than any other country in Europe. The state of finances for most clubs in the UK is much healthier than it was a decade ago with most reporting an operating profit.

Football Clubs are not just sports clubs anymore, they are run as Businesses. Their activities are not just limited to football and Football clubs offer a wide range of services to fans these days. Manchester United have tended to lead the way in enterprise, developing a global brand to complement their historical success on the field.

These days, you can even obtain credit cards and financial services via some Football clubs and this is a clear indication of the growth within the Commercial world. It is natural that as part of the modern world of commerce that there is a Professional Debt Collection for Football Clubs service to help support the growth within the Football industry.

We have helped a number of Football Clubs over the years in relation to monies owed to them. A Lehman will probably wonder how a Football Club can possibly be owed money but it will come as no surprise to any Football Finance Director who is dealing with the revenue management of any Professional Football Club on a daily basis.

Federal Management is well versed on the typical scenarios Finance Directors face and we have successfully dealt with a wide scope of issues modern day Football clubs face. A non exhaustive list of the of the problems we have helped UK Football clubs that have been monies owed from other clubs for loan/transfer fees, monies owed from previous players, unpaid licensing fees and sponsorship fees.

Then there is the hospitality aspect. Most Football clubs offer corporate hospitality as part of their revenue generation. Many Clubs offer Private Boxes that can be used for personal and Business purposes. Some clubs even have their own gyms, training and pitch hire facilities. All these require paying for and when that does not happen, we provide a professional and cost effective recourse.

We have even been instructed by a Premiership Football Club previously to recover unpaid fees from a well known International Club who had invited them over for a testimonial game and said they would foot the cost of the club doing so. When it came to payment, the host club refused to honour the agreement so therefore we were approached by the clubs Chairman for assistance.

The need for Debt Recovery services in the UK’s Football industry are not just Limited to the top divisions. We have also assisted smaller clubs whose cash flow is suffering as a result of non payment. Our Debt Collection for Football Clubs service has boosted the coffers of many clubs up and down the country.

As well as the Football clubs themselves, there are the supporting industries that help them to flourish. Recently, we assisted a Sports Kit Manufacturer that was owed tens of thousands of pounds by a former Premier league club for training gear. Despite their best efforts, the Chairman (now ex chairman) refused to pay up, simply evading their contact.  As the Company’s frustrations grew, they approached us for help and we were pleased to quickly remedy the situation on their behalf.

Like the Football Industry, the Commercial Debt Collection industry itself has evolved massively. As an FCA Regulated Company, we very much value our reputation as much as our clients and this clearly has a positive effect. Our reputation is such that we have helped a number of Top Football Clubs across the UK and even Europe, recover monies owed to them.

A Professional Debt Collection for Football Clubs service provides a very valid recourse to recover fees and invoices owing to a Football Club. Football Clubs operate very much as Businesses these days so the collection of monies owed is essential to the well being of the football club.

The manner is which the Debt Collection is performed for the Football Club has to be very professional. Any activities that are undertaken must be done so with the Football Club’s image in mind. It is essential that no overly aggressive manners are adopted. The conduct in which all communications are performed must be business like at all times.

Our specialist Debt Collection for Football Clubs service is not just limited to the Professional English and Welsh Football leagues. We have collected debts on behalf of Scottish Football clubs and acted overseas in relation to International Football Clubs being owed money.

Our Trusted Football Club Debt Recovery service has overseen the collection of hundreds of thousands of pounds over the years. From America to Austria, when a Football club has outstanding monies owed to them, we will help with our revered International Debt Collection services.

If you would like more information regarding our Professional Debt Recovery services for the Football Industry, give our friendly New Business Team a call today for Professional Expert advice and assistance. All enquiries are treated in the utmost confidence.