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Debt Collection for the Events Management Industry


events management debt

The Events Management sector in a booming industry in the United Kingdom worth upwards of £42.3 Bn according to a report earlier this year. A specialised Debt Collection for Events Management service can therefore be seen as an essential element of the continuance in the growth of this sector.

This sector is reliant of the success of the events managed and the term ‘Events Management‘ covers all aspects of the creation through to the management of large events. These large events include occasions such as sporting events, festivals, conferences, ceremonies, weddings, formal parties and even music concerts.

The process of managing and coordinating such events can be massive and all aspects have to be arrange such as caterers, security, marquee hire etc All these factors have to be considered and the suppliers of such services and goods will require payment for their efforts to help make an event a success.

Every event that is organised by an Events Management company will differ in the services that they require. For instance, a outdoor wedding will place a heavy emphasis on catering, marquee hire and the entertainment side such as a wedding band. Many of these services will require a deposit at the time of booking but will expect the remainder of their fees to be paid upon completing their obligations.

Unfortunately, in modern times these obligations are not always fulfilled and a specialised debt collection for events management service can be extremely helpful in ensuring suppliers get paid without delay.

Types of suppliers that suffer from unpaid debt

  • Marquee Hire
  • Event caterers
  • PA system suppliers
  • Tee pee hire
  • Event caterers
  • Security
  • Wedding Planners

If you are a marquee company or catering company that has not been paid, it is definitely worth speaking to our New Business Team to see if we can assist. Our Industry specialised Debt Collection Officers are well versed in every scenario know for non payment to suppliers for events management projects.

We regularly recover debts on behalf of firms that have not been paid by companies that have hosted events then attempt to evade payment. We have over 14 years of experience in dealing with these type of unpaid debts and can support your business in recovering overdue invoices.

We can inform you of your options as well as providing a solution if appropriate, to your needs. So if your company is a marquee hire business that has not been paid or a catering company that has yet to see their services paid for, it is worth calling us today to get helpful information and advice on your next step.

Event Management Companies up and down the UK suffer from the non payment of owed monies, do not let your company be a victim to non payment. Federal Management are very experienced in dealing with the circumstances in which unpaid debts form and the usual excuses. Whether it is unpaid Marquee Fees or the non payment of a catering invoice for an event, a pragmatic and professional recourse will see your unpaid monies collected as quickly as possible.

Our Helpful and friendly Business Debt Collection advisers are available for advice during normal working hours of 8.30am to 6pm every working week day so contact us now.