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Are there any disbursements or up front fees?

Federal Management operates a fixed fee - no hidden cost policy and we do require an initial fee that goes a small way towards the costs that we incur. We do not label it is a 'membership fee' nor do we make an empty promise that it will be refunded after 12 months. As our services are the most robust in the UK, we leave no stone unturned in the pursuit of your debt and we accrue considerable costs accordingly. We are not fee earners and do not charge you for every action we do, we simply request that you pay a nominal sum in relation to the amount owing to you. There are no hidden or extra costs and we do not invoice you if we are unsuccessful in our efforts unlike many of the 'no win - no fee' organisation.

The administrative fee payable is in direct relation to the amount owing as our practices change accordingly. The fee that is paid is simply absorbed into the considerable costs that we incur as we offer the UK's only fully Comprehensive Pre Legal Debt Collection Service and hence why we are cited by the Business media as having by far the most Cost Effective Debt Recovery solution in the UK.

We boast a number of large law firms who actually outsource their Debt Recovery work to us, such is our success rate and reputation within the Industry.

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