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Do you provide a Credit Checking and tracing facility?

I have heard of these ‘No win – No fee’ companies. Are they as good as they seem?

Are there any disbursements or up front fees?

What do you actually do with the cases/accounts that we pass to you?

What licences and accreditations do you hold?

How long will it take to collect our debts?

I have heard of the great work you have done and we want to instruct your company in relation to our bad debtors

What are your commission rates?

Dependant on the debt value, age and type of debt, our commission rates normally vary from They vary from 6% – 20% however for small value debts it will be up to 30% as it has to be cost effective for us for obvious reasons. We have to manage the potential costs incurred to ourselves […]

What makes Federal Management the UK’s Number One for Debt Collection over other Debt Collection Agencies and/or solicitors?

Where are you actually based?

Federal Management’s Head Offices are based in Skelmersdale, Lancashire. We also have Collection Offices in Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham, London and Scotland. Our services cover the whole of the UK & Northern Ireland and we are also able to collect anywhere in the World via our network of Trusted partners and associates.