Debt Collection Agency in Birmingham

Debt Collection Agency, Birmingham.
Birmingham is not only the largest and most populous British city outside London, it is also the economic powerhouse of the West Midlands with the largest employment centre in Great Britain and according to Birmingham City Council, in 2017 the total number of businesses in the city rose from 4,585 to 44,395.
As Birmingham

Tracking down a sole trader or Business owner

There are an estimated five million plus Businesses operating in the United Kingdom today and Sole Traders / Unlimited companies make up a large number of that figure. Tracking down sole traders can be very difficult but it need not be.

Posted by FedMan on August 21st, 2017

These simple steps will boost your Business profits

Operating a Business in current economic times is more difficult than ever however there are ‘smart’ choices you can make that are total game changers in terms of profitability.
Making sure that your invoices are paid on time is a difficult task, even at the best of times. For businesses that don’t require payment

Posted by FedMan on May 9th, 2017

“Take action to collect owed Monies or put your Company at risk”

Experts are sending out the message to take action to “Collect owed monies or put your company at risk”.
More than ever, businesses are failing due to the very solvable issue of unpaid business invoices. According to R3, a leading UK trade insolvency trade organisation, almost a quarter of firms that went out

Posted by FedMan on March 22nd, 2017

Debt Collection for Small Businesses

Small businesses and sole traders rely on a steady inflow of cash from their customers to remain afloat. All it takes is a few customers to start dragging their heels on payment and a small enterprise can find itself unable to meet its own obligations.
So, if you are in this situation yourself –

Posted by FedMan on March 20th, 2017

Why use a Debt Collection Agency for your Business?

Is your company’s cash flow struggling due to non-paying customers?
Well, it will not surprise you to find out that you certainly are not on your own. Most companies do have problems getting payment when they provide a  service or product to a customer with 80% of small businesses in the UK suffering as

Posted by FedMan on March 16th, 2017